The Older You Get, The More You Hate Everyone


My zodiac sign gives me out as kind, gentle and a lover of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in the effort to keep everyone happy, most of the time I find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, that is, people i respect.

Cutting away from big social groups is normal as you mature.

Many people notice that as they grow older, they begin to worry less about pleasing others. They often notice that they hate small talk and they tend to value their time a lot more.

If these traits seem familiar, you should know that they are completely normal. A lot of the time, people go from having over 20 people they consider to be good friends, to a smaller circle of two or three in a very short span of time.

People are losing that real interaction that used to be prominent decades ago.

Despite the fact that people seem to be interacting with each other more than ever through social media, research suggests that the opposite is actually happening. Real relationships are a lot rarer and people have far fewer people to confide in, compared to 25 years ago.

But why do you seem to care less for other people the more you age?

You’re not so bothered about making new friends.

After graduating school, people find that they go from hanging out with tons of people every weekend, to just a few, if any. This naturally makes it harder to make new friends as there isn’t such a great opportunity.

Also, being an adult makes friendships harder as people are living their own lives and often relocate, and you lose touch. As a result, adults often love spending time with their family and cherish the moments they have with friends on the occasion. And that’s fine, because you’re too busy to make commitments that you can’t keep.

You realize that it’s sometimes better to take a step back.

As you enter your 20s, you’re likely to get more entangled in family issues, and relationships that friends are having. And that’s simply because you want to be of help. However, as the years go by, you’ll begin to realize similar things happening to the same people, over and over again. This realization will cause you to take a step back because you can’t help the situation. You can still wish people the best, but you find that getting involved ends up being a waste of energy.

You don’t waste time on people who say you should catch up.

When you run into someone you know who you haven’t seen for years, your first response is to often say how you would like to hang out with them. However, this is usually said in the moment and out of your excitement to see that person again. The responses are usually something on the lines of “we should meet up sometime”. The word sometime pretty much it’s not going to happen.

As you mature, you begin to realize that saying these things are pretty pointless and end up dragging the conversation on. Instead, end the little encounter with something like “It was great to see you”. That way, there are no superficial commitments being made.

You value your time a lot more than when you were younger.

Younger people often feel like they have lots of time. But as you age, you see how quickly your life has gone up until the point you are at, and that causes you to want to make the most out of every single day. In your early 20s, you’d often do things spontaneously and with people you know, but not all too well. However, when you mature, you’ll find that you’d rather be doing things that you actually want to do. This includes spending time with family or simply taking the night to relax.

Maturity gives you a better perspective of where your priorities lie. In most people’s lives, having an abundance of friends really does nothing to serve your purpose, so it’s absolutely fine to cut them out!

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