Tonto Dikeh, Father’s Day, and mums playing dads


(A call)

Woman: Hello

Man: Hello

Woman: It’s me…

Man: eh hen, I know it’s you

Woman: Whatever. Anyway, why haven’t you transferred the money for your son’s support? I haven’t seen this month’s alert.

Man: I know you’ll call. Once you don’t see the alert…I know you will call. So now you know the boy has a father abi? And paying child support money is the only role you think I deserve to play in his life abi? Recently when they had father’s day in his school, you didn’t tell me so I could attend. Rather, you sewed buba and sokoto, hired your usual satanic make up artist who did your domestic violence scars, to paint beard and moustache for you, and you went to the boy’s school as the father. You sprayed the internet with the pictures just to paint me bad as an absent father to the public. But you are contacting me behind the scene for money. I really pity you o.

Woman: I don’t have time for all these long speech abeg. Just transfer the money or I’ll let the whole world know that you are a wicked father who is starving his son. By the way, don’t forget that his school fees for the new term too is due. Mschew….

(Ends call)

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  • Seriously dear, she is more than stupid.. No matter what the man did to her or maybe a woman took her husband form her as a strong woman what she needs to do is to get her husband back from her.. She is fooling her self while the other lady is there enjoying her husband…

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