Trump: US to Quit Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal on First Day in White House


I know, I know. There are enough people who have drummed it into our heads – not everyone who voted for Trump is a hate-filled, racist, misogynistic, bigot. Some of them even put $10 into an envelope for their maid over Christmas. Now, it that ain’t charitable giving, we simply do not know what is. But I don’t think even the people who were gung-ho about this Trump election know what they’re in for. You might not be a stark raving lunatic. But you just put one in power. And that sucks.

Tonight, Trump announced that putting in the application to quit the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal is one of the first things he will do, day one, in office. True, there will be no walls; there is even no mention of Obamacare, but he is cutting ties with 12 countries involved in the TPP trade deal.

These countries including Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico, make up about 40% of the world’s economy. And Trump will quit the deal because he’s a massive wotsit. No, that’s not the real reason; he will quit because he believes he can impose a more beneficial deal for America. He is correct that the US do not need to ‘help’ the smaller emerging markets such as Vietnam and Malaysia. What he forgets though is that severing this relationship will make these countries align with US enemies. The larger the global dissatisfaction with the US, the higher the threat of a world war. And more than national pride, nothing spurs a war more than a nation’s need to eat.

The Six Executive Actions Trump Plans To Take on Day One:

1. Issuing notice of withdrawing from Trans-Pacific Partnership – Already discussed.

2. Cancelling restrictions on US energy production – He said this included shaling and clean coal; creating many millions of high paying jobs. What is it with this man and the hyperbole? Many millions? High paying jobs? In the field of energy production? I mean, I guess the concept in itself makes sense if you have all the superego of a three year old, live only for instant gratification, and believe climate change is a fairytale.

3. Cutting regulations on businesses – Quite. Why regulate businesses when we can let them ride roughshod without a care in the world, evade/avoid taxes, let the rich get richer and widen the income gap all at the altar of grotesque consumerism? This guy.

4. Ordering a plan to combat cyber-attacks and real life attacks on the United States – Sounds very impressive. But I feel rather sure that the Ministry of Defence has been doing this most diligently for years now, but you know. Remind them because terrorists.

5. Investigating visa abuses that undercut American workers – This one tickles me the most. He must think nothing was done about this for years because of some silly liberal agenda. I can’t wait for him to find out the real truth about immigrant labour, ‘hardworking’ Americans, and the underbelly who keep the country ticking over nicely.

6. Imposing a five-year ban on people leaving government to become lobbyists – Five years? To be out of circulation on what actually happens within the corridors of power? Talk about kicking the ladder once you’re up.

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  1. The TPP was sanctioned by Congress. So Trump would know after becoming president that the US can’t quit without the approval of Congress. Trump should put of the Business Mogul mentality. He owns and runs his business the way he wants. However he is not the US personified. So he must rule the US in accordance to US laws.1

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