Ugandan model Aamito Lagum gives epic response to MAC Cosmetics online racism row

aamito lagum MAC racism row

A few days ago, racism reared its ugly head, once again showing us why we can’t have nice things, when Instagram trolls decided to blab their ignorant diatribe all over a picture MAC Cosmetics put up of a model’s lips. Here are the lips; I know my Viva men need a reason to be excited this Tuesday morning, so don’t say I don’t do nothin’ for ya! 😉
aamito lagum MAC racism row

When the make up giants MAC shared a backstage close up of stunning Ugandan fashion model, Aamito Lagum’s lips at New York Fashion Week, they were trying to highlight their new shade of deep purple lipstick, ‘Royal Romance’, but instead the image attracted a slew of unacceptable racist comments attacking the model’s appearance and ethnicity.

Viva Naija was aware of this news as it broke, but I personally did not want to blog about it. The underbelly of the internet is crawling with racist, sexist, homophobic, prejudiced pond life anyway and we do not have to attend every party we are called to.

I’m not going to share any of the comments here – firstly because MAC did a good job of deleting the comments as they were coming in, secondly because they can be found elsewhere on the web if you reeeeally want to see the screenshots, and finally because we NEVER give racist haters any shine.

I love how racist people wax lyrical about Angelina Jolie’s lips, how young girls in their droves tried the fish pout look touted by one of the Kardashian sisters, but think this – the original is ugly. Anyway, today is not soap box day; I am not here to preach.

Instead, I am here to bring you the SLAY. Because the flawless Aamito Lagum responded to the haters like this:

aamito lagum MAC racism row - Instagram response

Sleepless nights, y’all! GO FORTH AND BE GREAT, SWEET THANG! While the low-lives worry about where their next benefits cheques is going to come from so they can get Keeping Up With The Kardshians turned back on on their cable. Oshisko PLC.

Nothing looks better than success, nothing suits the owner better than confidence, and Ms Lagum has it by the bucketful. She’s been winning, and MAC has now caught up and made sure the world heard. Here are some pictures of her, courtesy Google – perpetually perfect:

Aamito Lagum -1 Aamito Lagum -2 Aamito Lagum -3

I mean….MAC responded too. Just corporate speak, but at least they didn’t do as if they didn’t hear:

aamito lagum MAC racism row - MAC response

Ms Lagum has shown us the way to respond to hatred and small-mindedness.
Ms Lagum is bright, beautiful and successful.
She doesn’t have time for people who can only know what it is to be her by looking ata picture on a screen.
Ms Lagum has got it going on. And will get a cheque at the end of it.
Be like Ms Lagum.

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