Unfaithfulness: the treachery of the side chick

©YouTube |Being Mary Jane - The Side Chick

Unfaithfulness in relationships and marriage, will always be a bad thing – Christian or not. It is disrespectful to the other person and shameful for the persons doing it. There is no amount of grammar about why, when, how and where it happens to justify it. But the way it is now, it appears there can be cases where it is okay.
The woman says, “Well, I am not trying to become his wife. I’m OK as his side chick. He takes care of my needs.”
Oshey! Sister Needy. Kontinuu. Your reward is in heaven. You’re the Patron Saint of getting needs met


You’re a cheat and you are a wicked person for sleeping with another person’s spouse. Praise yourself all you want and make as many statements about how you’re not spoiling their home, you know you’re not a good person. If you don’t, your conscience is just dead.©YouTube |Being Mary Jane - The Side Chick

The odd thing is these people would be offended if the roles were reversed, yet it is okay to do it to someone else. See the twisted sense of morality and wisdom?

Please don’t help me balance this post. I’ve said many things about men who cheat, so now let me say what I need to about ladies who have no self respect and think there’s a good reason to be with someone else’s man. The same way no one forced him on you, were you forced to agree?

There is no innocent person involved. None is more guilty or needs more responsibility. You’re both being wicked. You’re both guilty. End of story.

I feel so sad when someone can boldly claim domestic violence is evil, but say adultery (yes, that’s what it is, not “an affair”, “an arrangement” or “understanding”) is OK because they or someone they know is involved.
Is that not hypocrisy? Does the fact that no one ends up in a hospital, dies or you use condoms and keep it a secret, make it better? Saying that no one is hurt so it doesn’t matter, is stupid. This is how far we have come, sadly.

Some of these ladies will even shout about homosexuality, but are sleeping with married men. Pray tell, is Jesus rejoicing with you in that bed? Is your sin better and sanctioned by heaven than others?

You condemn others for their sins, but you have a good reason for yours. Let’s not get started on how some will scream that there are many fake pastors eating church money and sleeping with church members, yet that night they will ping someone else’s man about their next meeting. Life is good, ba?

Perhaps the most ridiculous part is that some of them expect to have their own good relationship and marriage one day. Is that not foolishness?
You sleep with a married man, you didn’t send him home, but you want a man of your own to come home to you; faithful and true.
I truly admire that fantasy land you live in, where this is possible. Carry on, soldier. Win the war and receive the spoils of victory.Unfaithfulness Infidelity

Stop all this rubbish and get your own man or stay single. You won’t die. There will never be a good reason for such nonsense, and the sooner we stop trying to make ourselves or others feel good about what we wouldn’t like, and what we know is bad, the better for us all.

Send that boy home to his wife or you’re just as bad and shameless as he is. There is no difference between you both.
Whether or not you believe in sin, death and hell won’t change it to being good. And frankly if you claim to actually believe it, and yet do this boldly and making excuses for it, you need serious help. Period.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have some chocolate chip cookies to eat, this morning. That’s the only love affair/arrangement/adultery I will indulge, and ensure wifey never finds out about. There’s love in sharing, but there’s peace in having your own! ????


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