Verbal Abuse vs. Domestic Violence: Many Think These Are the Same.

Verbal abuse

We do a lot by comparing physical violence to verbal abuse, when they are not even the same.

Abuse is anything that hurts you, either mentally, physically or emotionally, and is usually carried out by a person in a position of authority. The terms “physical” and “verbal” describe the actual action of abuse, but in my opinion, should not be compared, for they are not the same.

You can walk away from a sharp mouth, while some punches would immobilise you for days.

Anyone can misinterpret verbal diarrhoea, but none can misinterpret being pounded to death.

You may have good intentions while saying the wrong words, but there are no good intentions behind breaking someone’s face into shapeless putty.

Most physical abuses come with stitches, money lost, some collateral damage, and bed arrest on days you could very well be living a productive life. None of this comes from someone’s bad mouthing. None, except the mental torture you put yourself through by continuing to listen to such people.

The two have no similarity. They cannot be compared, only misjudged.

Most of the time verbal abuse is all in the mind, and you have every right to shut people who abuse you verbally, out. No questions asked. But you cannot wish away a broken skull or severed limbs.

Once you recognise that you are being verbally or physically abused, you need to develop the willingness to change your situation and protect yourself.

You have the power to let what you want in, and chase what you want out. You either let yourself be abused, or you change that.

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