Victorious Super Falcons seize AWCON trophy, reject NFF’s N50,000 offer


Instead of paying each player in the victorious Super Falcons team the deserved 11 Million Naira ($25,000 worth in salaries and allowances over the tournament’s stretch) it was even learnt that 2 bags of Rice and 5 litres of groundnut oil were put on top the 50,000 Naira offered by the NFF in the guise of “TFare”. It seems nothing can separate the siamese-love between the NFF and owing monies. Plus, the combination of the Minister of Sports, Oga Dalung, with the NFF President, ‘fine boy’ Pinnick, can only brew premium quality ridiculousness. When will they prove us wrong? Read full story below:

The Super Falcons of Nigeria have revealed that they have seized the African Women Cup of Nations (AWCON) until the authorities concerned offset their match bonuses and allowances.

According to a report on New Telegraph, a meeting between the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the victorious Falcons ended in fiasco as the players vowed to remain at their Agora hotel in Abuja until their money is paid.

The drama started when the NFF President, Amaju Pinnick, visited the team and told them that there was no money to pay.

This reportedly infuriated the players as they vowed to remain at the hotel until their money is paid.

They even grabbed the trophy they won and vowed not to release it until they are paid.

A source who was at the meeting said: “Pinnick was trying to pacify the players to exercise patience that they will be paid soon, but they (the players) asked him to be specific and the manner those of them asked the question got the NFF boss angry.

The NFF boss was not happy with the way the stars were handling the issue and made some statements that also infuriated the players. I won’t tell you what Pinnick said because it is better you people don’t write those things.”

It was gathered that Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, the NFF general secretary, had earlier visited the team and also begged the players to be patient.

Sanusi attempted to give them N50000 each as transport fare but the players rejected.

Sanusi was quoted to have said at the meeting that: “I have come to appeal to you, to understand the situation of the federation and the country at the moment and exercise patience.

We will pay you all monies you are being owed as soon as we receive same from the government, just as we paid the U-17 boys who won the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile last year, after the tournament.

“And just as we sorted out Coach Samson Siasia’s wages as soon as we had the funds, after the Olympics.

“We know we have financial commitment to you (players and officials of Super Falcons) and we have not at any time stated otherwise. But the money is not readily available at the moment.

Sanusi said the NFF had embarked on aggressive drive to find a permanent solution to the issue of owing players and coaches.

In relation to all these, we are in the process of sorting out our TSA domiciliary accounts so that we can receive our due grants from FIFA and CAF, including the $80,000 prize money from the AWCON, once it is available.

But speaking on the condition of anonymity, one of the players said: “We are aware of what happened to the U-17 and U-20 female teams who left with empty promises and we do not want to have the same experience.

“Before we left there were promises they made and until they fulfill them we will remain in this place.

According to reports in some quarters, the debt the NFF owed each of the 23 players excluding the officials in allowances and match bonuses since the team started camping for the tournament amounted to $25,000 (about N11.25 million).

Recall that striker Francis Ordega lamented that they have done Nigeria honour by winning the AWCON trophy for the 8th time after a bruising battle with Cameroon, but Nigeria have failed to treat the team in the right manner.

She said: “If I had not played for Nigeria at full international level, trust me I would have played somewhere else.

“The U-17 and U-20 teams have been blamed for the performances at their recent World Cups, but they were poorly prepared for these competitions.

“If this continues, Nigeria will soon cease to be a force in Africa because there will be no future Super Falcons.”

Source: NAIJ

Over and over again, as Sports is concerned in Nigeria, we’ve mastered the art of snatching ridiculousness from the jaws of victory . 

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  • Chai! Simple chai! So are they telling me that the money is in The Other Room??? Chai! Simple chai! What is wrong with NFF and politics! Chai! Thank God tonight we have vigil, I’ll go 4 the first time and pray 4 NFF officials- no worry, I no go curse una. But shaa, ‘there is God oh!’

  • The officials sitting in the office including the chairman of the NFF are sitting in their office unperturbed..nobody us touching their salaries..they won’t talk small thing happen to them Na Dey will be striking like thunder…

  • I like that,this will make our young ladies who are very good in footballing may now have the opportunity to play for the Super Falcons by merit,it will not be by bribe from their rich parents inoder to enrich their daughters. Some of them don’t know anything,now,they will not fight for their children because of common 50000 naira.

  • Myopic and thoughtless! This NFF people sa and when these players refuse to play for their fatherland again they will tag them unpatrotic. Shame on them and let them pay these players their money instead of sitting on it to enrich themselves.

    • Govt throughout the world alone doesn’t run sport , they did this with corporate organisations and companies. Ofttentime, these corporate crganisations took it upon themselves to sponsor sport and same thing here. The problem we have is corruption, inneficiency, organisation skill, sincerity of pupose and if you look back, for years it has always been the same as the NFF would sit or refuse to pay bonuses, allowances and even salaries 6f players and their handlers. The issue here is not Buhari and this is why ioften disagreed with people when it comes to discussing Nigperia’ problems which had been for long our bane of development bcos we fail to do the needful and i repeat here as i often do that if we don’t try to be careful with our bias and negative actions we we have ourselves to blame. Some countries too are experiencing recession and economic downturn, Venzuela i learnt is facing critical economy woes now for failing to divesify from oil, in Saudi Arabia too, salaries of all political leaders and top govt officials have been reduced with 20-30 persent and here it is buhari this, Buhari that. Well, people like you say you are all entitle to your opinions. May God help us out as we seek for His Divine Intervention.


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  • Now i can say our president is d cause of this recession. 50k 4 wat? Owo ti ra boot CR7 nt to talk of celebration party. Aba Allah……. But y ar u guys makin us suffering in abundance?!

  • The worst place to be born can’t you give these girls 20M each? Why aboki leaders dey bring naija down like this. I see why biarans want out. When obj came it was their debt he cleared clearing their mess. Now this long throat daura cattle wants to bring up another debt for no reasons. Fuck one naija

  • If Buhari can’t do away wt his analogue cabinet members we can’t achieve meaningful results, we’ll continue to receive excuses all d time. If de girls were Cameroonians all of dem will hv keys to their duplexes now apart from cash

  • This is a deliberate attempt to punish the girls for winning the trophy to the disappointment of NFF. It pays NFF for our teams to drop out early in any competition because the leftovers from the budget will be more than when the teams progress and particularly to the final. So the more the team advances, the less the booty available for NFF and vice versa. This has always been the reason for poor and shoddy preparation of our teams for any competition.

  • The NFF have not done well. Everybody takes economic situation in the country to sit on someboy’s right. Is it not a national assignment? To me they have done more than the supper eagle. Why don’t we appreciate those who sacrifice their life for the interest of this cotntry?

  • It’s terrible, the coach has not been paid since she started work, Stephen Kesh and Ahmadu Shaibu all died with NFF&the Federal government owing them. Sunday Olise and Emmanuel Amunike suffered the same the same fate.

  • This Buhari and his cohorts has succeeded in destroying everything in this country including sports which is the last resort on the unity of Nigeria. God and posterity will judge them specially. God will reward you the gallant Falcons.

  • All these forms of anomalies wont do our female soccer any good. Those footballers coming behind nursing this type of ambition will be outrightly discouraged . Infact, these girls could even disband themselves as Falcon members & may eventualy refuse to play in the forth-coming World female soccer tourney.

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