VIDEO: Should Prof. Yemi Osinbajo be our next President? Watch him speak at the Financial Times Africa Summit


Come oh dear people, who nominated Professor Yemi Osinbajo for Vice-Presidency again? Jagaban right? Well, ain’t surprised, those Jagaban’s eyes aren’t there for nothing, they see (and spot talent) binocularly.

I strongly believe and I’ve reiterated via different articles that Nigeria’s issues need a long-term, well thought-out solution steeped in introspection and aimed at (re-educating) our kids; but, in the short-term, I’ll give anything, from a bounty to a farthing, to see Yemi Osinbajo lead this country as soon as possible.

His emotional intelligence and percipient grasp of leadership is too endearing to miss. That man is witty! Just listen to him in this video.

Leadership is poise, Prof’s got it.
Leadership is listenership, Prof’s got it.
Leadership is architectural oratory, Prof’s got it.
Leadership is edible humor, Prof’s got it.

I bumped into a former Solicitor-General for Oyo state recently in Ibadan, a friend of Prof’s, and he didn’t mince words while aligning Nigeria’s progress in the comity of things to Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s characteristic ability to lead, if he’ll be given the chance.

He’s got everything I said above, and I pray he’s also accoutered with the political ruthlessness needed to go the mile.

Prof is seen here at the Financial Times Africa summit, talking about “What Makes Africa Work” and you’d know he’s got the head. Just watch him. We can do good with this man at the helm gaskiya…. 

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