VIDEO: Tonto Dikeh bares it all in new no-holds-barred interview, reveals evidence of abuse


Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh is indeed enduring a rough patch at the moment. Few days after confirming the split from her now estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill, she is seen in this interview with MediaRoomHub TV, revealing, amidst tears, a whole lot that went wrong with the marriage, especially as she was a victim of serial abuse.

Watch the full interview below:

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    • This Nigerians am sorry fr them thy see smone in pains&keep mocking or insulting them is it wickedness or frustration ? Why cnt u console who u see in pains? If she dint cm out to speak thy Wil stil talk nonsense ,black ppl wiv their black heart. . ..shmmmm

  • I did all things for him and he broke my heart when he told me he found someone else in 2days when he didn’t talk to me, I can’t breathe and is so painful , I believed everything he said that he love and care about me for 3 years , where is all the love he had for me ?? How can he be gone just in 2 days and he met someone else so fast,, on last Thursday he said he love and care about me and he always love me and after 2 days breaking my heart ,, cause I was so honest with him, I wish I was laying to him and this will never happened,but when i come across a real Man of God called prophet Igbaju online, i try and explain all this to him and he told me that he will cast the love spell for only 3day and he will be back to my arms and he will love only me and nobody anymore. and there will not be anything like fight or divorce in the relationship again. and i listen and i wait to see may be is true. but i cannot belive the last day on monday that he come tome and knee down and begging me in ties that he hurt me, so am really glad about this and we stay close together all days all night, that is way i say this out for any body that need a relationship issue or any problem. Contact him: Igbajuspellcaster@gmail. com he will help you in any aspect you want him for.

  • Why do we all turn to Social media for comfort when there are things we could have done to avert the ‘now experiencing’ disasters? Sister, if the motive behind this ‘crocodile tears-non pitying’ video is to get consolation and get people to like you, you have failed. Get yourself together! Forgive him if you can and get back together. And if you can’t, MOVE ON! Who get time to dey pity another in this time of recession? #commonsense

    • Ngozi Ehikwe, you see the thing with us human is we don’t always tell ourselves the truth…the truth about the fact that all marriages go through challenges but the couples are to make the marriage work. Do you want to tell me Omotola Ekehinde’s marriage of 18years does not experience challenges at all? All she does is keep it within the confinement of her room and work it out with her husband. Mercy Johnson has been doing some. I don’t even want to think about the part of Karma that Stephanie Simon mentioned which is very true. It’s when someone/anybody stops being childish that things work out fine and people will be jealous of you. #commonsense

    • Your commonsense is what you need cos for d fact that Mercy Johnson Okojie, Omotala Ekehinde, Joke Sylva and so on are in their marriage does not mean Tonto will wait to be killed in the name of marriage. My dear Chiabuotu.

    • Mademoiselles, everyone is entitled to their opinion and do it in a civilized manner…that I have done. Can you please do yours in a civilized manner too? Thank you

      BTW, I wrote earlier that if she can’t accommodate the guy again, she should free him and move on. I mean, she’s the one that has been doing the talking since. The guy self behave as if he’s not the person she’s been accusing. #commonsense

    • I, to some extent agree with you aunty Tobi. Why did she v to do so much to create an impression in d hearts of pple dat she was happily married. And this applies to other celebrities, it’s really unnecessary. Let ur private life be private. Now when they cant take it anymore, they will be spreading their dirty clothes in public…nevertheless, I think she really loved d idea of marriage n wanted to be married n she wanted to put her all to make it work…anyways, I feel for her n this is d time she need God the most in order to heal. The media will only compound her problem.

    • Stephanie hw many ppls marriage did she destroy? Ws urs among it? Well all of u I jst pray u dnt go thru wat she gone thru,I Dnt tink u need karma nw a days to see troubled marriage OK? So u shld all continue ur harsh words instead of encouraging her.

    • Pls we all are women. I believe educated ones at that. It’s her opinion. U don’t need insult someone to participate in a conversation. It’s as good as having not said anything at all. If u ain’t in support of her motion, u can come up with a theory, who knows she will see ur point. But insulting her portrays u to be”an educated illiterate”. God bless us all

    • Gunu Oluwatobiloba Comfort Senapon my dear don’t talk lik u a macho man, tonto Neva asked anyone for sympathy, a celebrity is a celebrity, what ever u do the whole world hears, it’s obvious she was on an interview and the video went viral, bsyds her expression of such pain and anger hmmm my dear leave the matter, it hurts. probably the flashback of everything triggered the tears and trust me when someone u v loved disappoints u this way mehn, u don’t mind screaming in public it hurts badly……… Although it depends on the individual bt I feel she’s also very emotional……

  • Nobody knows what happened between Tonto and her husband… She has said her own side of the story, don’t draw into conclusions yet until you hear from the husband….. You can then judge… As for me… I believed that Homes are made by the wisdom of woman but are destroyed by the foolishness so be wise my people…… Never you let another woman built your home for you.

    • Well and easy said , but don’t pray to be in a home where u wud physically and emotionally bruised all the time …. U go tell me weather u fit stay build am . is no WHR in the bible WHR God said woman must die for marriage affairs … The guy broke his marriage vows by commuting adultery n also beating her … So if she walk I support her …nor be do or die affair …biko

  • This is a warning to those single ladies who wants to marry a rich guy at all cost. Tonto Dikeh would have been able to get an average young man that would love and respected her but she won’t do that because she believes in the saying that goes thus; ‘ I can’t marry this guy, he is not my equal, he is poor, he can’t afford my body cream, what will my friends says if they see me with such a wretched guy? If omotola could marry a pilot, so why can’t I marry a guy greater than pilot? She forgot marriage is all about happiness. You can have everything in marriage, but ones you are not happy in your marriage, it must definitely cratched.

    • Marrying a poor or average guy does not guarantee loyalty. I thought u would talk about her marrying a man of character and integrity. Haven’t u seen women that marry ‘poor’ guys who claim the woman just wants to buy them? This same people look outside for ‘poor or average’ girls they think they can control. The lesson here is to look for signs of violence before making the marriage commitment. be a person of character and integrity so u stand a better chance of attracting the same kind of person u are.

  • I still wonder why human beings re so difficult. Some re so daft to d marrow. Truth be told, it’s not easy for a woman to walk out her home. It is a difficult decision for women cos they ve thought of many things involved; but if she eventually walk away, it means that d situation is far beyond her, she can’t continue dying in silence. …. Men, shebi u got married to start a new life, instead, that’s d moment for ur flirtatiousness which attracts lots of opposite to ur home.Tonto, be strong for ur son, may God continually guide and guard you, walk with God always, he ll never forsake you, he definitely ll wipe ur tears…@ Churchill, life is a choice, choose wisely. Remember, latter days re coming, leave a clean slate so dat wen d sun goes down, you ll be happy for bin d real man. May d wisdom of God that surpasses all things never elude you as you choose..

  • Women, wht do we knw in the law of karma, u guys should knw hw to state out issues here on social media….Are u God to judge tonto or ‘re u telling me u ‘re still a virgin mind u that sin is sin no matter how it was done. Most of u pple are going thru hell in ur marriage but bcox u ‘re not a celebrity u don’t have the opportunity to tell us ur own mess….So let’s be very careful the way we talk.

  • You see why I hate this Tonto girl…. She just don’t know how to behave her fake self… she just make up her fat Face…. Come television to day cry…. What do we call this type of nollywood movie…..? Husband heart break or facebook crying season 1………#immaturity

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