Viva Naija Meets Emma Oh Ma God: YouTube Video


It’s now at a point where just Emma’s face makes me laugh. Seriously. His facial expressions, his tone, his body language – he has such an effortless wit and humour about him that you would be forgiven for believing that he’s never had a worry or a care in his life.


Certainly when I met up with him in his plush London apartment (he is in town for his début London performance in the comedy show ‘I Laff in da Spirit’), I thought I would take a few notes and spent the rest of the time doubled over in laughter.


When I learned within the first couple of minutes that he was raised by a single mother, I had to tell him to stop talking while I got my phone to record him. I didn’t feel like any transcription I did would do justice to the depth of feeling behind his words. It’s often said that clowning usually has a darker underbelly. I find this time and again.

So here you go: an impromptu recording of words from Emma Oh Ma God. Samsung, una yeye o! But it did the job:


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