Viva Naija #TBTMusic: 🎵take a litu somtin,.Waa Wa Alright :-)  – It’s KEL baby! :-) 

Kel - Waa wa alright

You remember that skinny guy in the music video just screaming “oh yeeeeeeeeeee” 🙂 And that full mammary curvature flashing into our eyes, distractingly enough from the rap?

Kel - Waa wa alright

Oh yeah, Viva Naija nor forget oh….Kelechi Ohia‘s, a.k.a, Kel, “Wa waa Alright” rap single blew our musical convenience outta water! It breathe new life kinda….it was bold, it was one of the few songs back then, that met the definition of “on-point”. It was rap locked down upstreet. .

The journey started a back in 2000, when a certain young girl got involved with rap as a hobby; it grew into something else as she fell in love with rap music with every listen till she started writing her own bars.

At 16, she got signed to an indie label, where she learned to write songs, record and perform. Years later, in a bid to move her career to the next level, she and her manager left the stables of Testify Music and went on to learn more about music, the art of RAP, music business and hone their skills individually. In this time, she worked with several artistes and producers such as Freestyle, Terry tha Rapman, Jokaynie, Beatworx and Sound Sultan, till she got a new deal with another indie record label, CAPital Hill Music, owned by video director, Clarence A. Peters.

Kel first caught our attention on the remix of Illbliss’ ‘You Go Wound’, which picked up the award for Best Hip-hop Video at the 2008 Soundcity Music Video Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. A short while after she stunned audiences around Nigeria with a very impressive 16 bars, she dropped her first single, ‘Waa Wa Alright’, and Nigeria acknowledged the birth of a new music star.

Tag KEL in the comment section if you know where she is oh…

Kel - Waa wa alright

?awon boiz in da club, waa wa alryte, take a litu somtin, waa wa alryte, shi le’kun yen le, don’t dull yourself siiiiiiin ?

It’s throwback Thursday people, waa wa alright is the song…relive it !!!!




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  1. I I was gonn disagree with you when I read the opening statement about her boobs “distracting” us from the rap…. But when I read the full article, I have nothing to say. I fell in love with the track from the listening to it on radio long before I saw the video. Kel rocked and she still rocks for me. Sometimes I wonder where she is, with the likes of Sasha…. Nice job, good research….

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