What is this life??? Oyinbo scams 3 Nigerians out of $565,000 for green card!

Ramirez duped 3 Nigerians in green card scam

I can’t cope with this. This is tragic and traumatising on so many levels. See, I don’t mind if I get pick-pocketed in Lagos. I swear for the thieves and keep it moving. I understand that in my country, this is CODB – Cost of Doing Business. Sometimes the thieves win; sometimes I win. But if I get taken for a mug abroad, it offends my Nigerian sensibilities. I feel like I was born sharper, more vigilant, and at least half an hour before any oyinbo thief. So this news right here?? It’s got me in my feelings. Oyinbo did Naija guy 419?? What is this life???

The Daily Fail says an American citizen has been arrested in Nigeria after he allegedly duped three Nigerian men in a $565,000 green card scam. Marco Antonio Ramirez is being held at Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Lagos, and EFCC is not playing with him at all.

Ramirez, believed to be from Dallas, Texas, is accused of scamming tens of thousands of dollars from each of the three Nigerian men with the promise of securing them an American green card or US passport.

He faced the country’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission court on Thursday where he pleaded not guilty to a 16-count charge of obtaining money under false presences.

Ramirez’s attorney Chukwudi Maduka told the court on Thursday that his international passport had been forfeited as part of a bail application. The judge opposed bail and ordered him to be held in the prison. His next court appearance in July 3rd.

No doubt some will say that it is with helpless individuals without clout that the sleeping tiger called EFCC can bare her fangs. But,for me, this is one less scammer on the streets.

Ramirez, wehdone sah! Let’s hope you like beans!

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