When greed won’t let you be great: WAEC demands N1.8m from Edubox

WAEC Letter in Response to Sanusi Edubox -Feat

If I tell you I’m not tired of this matter of greed and corruption that dogs our every action in this country, I’d be lying. We scream and shout for change and a better Nigeria, but everything just seems tore up from the floor up, and everybody is playing everybody maga – from the gateman to the Officer-In-Charge (Test Administration) of WAEC, apparently.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, a philanthropist by the name of Tosin Sanusi, CEO Edubox, wrote a letter to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) requesting a list of the best students for the academic year ending 2014/2015 as this organisation sought to reward the students for their outstanding performance in academia. You know – a little nod of appreciation, perhaps monetary reward or even a scholarship.

WAEC Letter in Response to Sanusi Edubox -2

As I would imagine that collating just such a list of names should be among WAEC’s chief interests, this seemed a logical starting point for Edubox to make. If anything, the only concern I would have had is to wonder why a quick Google search did not even make this public information.

At most, I would have expected a small admin fee for the courier of this information (I would imagine it would contain sensitive information about school, address or some other form of contact details for these kids).

WAEC, however, obviously thought Christmas had come because they responded with this letter below:

WAEC Letter in Response to Sanusi Edubox -1

Yes, folks. You read that right. ₦1.85m.

The cheek of this man. The absolute brass balls on him to demand more than those kids were probably going to get from the organisation anyway.

At first, I thought: wait, you’ll see WAEC come out and deny all knowledge of this letter and claim that it didn’t come from their offices.

And then I thought you know what? They won’t even bother their pretty little heads over trying to deny it. Dr Dacosta is probably somewhere reading all this uproar and thinking “Wetin happen? Did I stutter? I say this list is ₦1.85m. Abi you think it’s because of you I come to work everyday? You people should see me see trouble o!”

Stanley - did i stutter

Because that is where we are now. While other nations are awarding teachers and students alike in a bid to strengthen education, we are ripping the very fabric of young hearts apart.

We are fearlessly corrupt. We are remorseless thieves. The ease with which we call “million” and “trillion” has now made broad daylight robbery permissible and even justified.

There are some that will still say it is wrong though, and we are one of them.

For shame, WAEC. For shame.

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