When women eschew equality, men like Daddy Freeze jump on the bullsh*t bandwagon

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Whenever we try to silence women from uttering nonsensities about gender equality or we try to urge them to actually understand what is meant by the phrase, it will seem like it is because we (progressive women who are passionate about this cause) do not feel like any other opinion is valid.

The truth? Any opinion that attempts to subjugate, lower or diminish a woman, her strength or her place in society in any way will only harm womanhood and the world as a consequence.

The reason, however, that women must champion this cause more than anyone else is that we must remain the gold standard on how we wish to be treated. Imagine if, during the time of the Civil Rights Movement in America, a whole bunch of Black people went around saying “Look, the Holy Books absolutely state that Black people are meant to be slaves! And besides, we can do so much as slaves! We actually build the nation!” What do you think would happen? Of course, the nearest white plantation owner would jump up and say “See, here’s a reasonable one who gets it! Wouldn’t you rather be with us as slaves than out in the cold with nothing?”

That is to say: if you think you will enslave yourself in word and in deed and the oppressor will fight for you, you’re wrong. Nothing will change. Nothing.

After a myriad of women have spoken against gender equality, the latest being the Ooni of Ife’s wife, it was of scant surprise that Daddy Freeze, the CoolFM OAP would stick his mouth into the conversation. Here’s what he had to say on the issue:

The concept of being a feminist is something that denies many women of having a husband. There are no roles for men and no roles for women. When you get to a situation, your intelligence, experience and your gut feeling should guide you.

When you find yourself in a situation, you react to it accordingly. If you marry an African man, you should know that you shouldn’t tell him to do the dishes unless he chooses to help you out. I can mention quite a few feminists. Rather I would give a quote from ancient Rome that says, ‘Women rule the world; but not by stomping down their pretty little feet.

Women that have ruled the world have done so by manipulating men and using what they have to get what they want. Demanding authority doesn’t work. I am not a feminist and would never marry one.

Women need to be careful not to create an imbalance in the society because it would be at the detriment of their children.

Let’s be careful not to create an imbalance that will turn Nigeria into another America where everyone has a mum and no daddy.

This? From the loquacious MITCH who started who threw his wife under the bus during divorce proceedings? Who counted how many children her mother had by how many different men? This? This is the prize? That all women must keep quiet for if they want to marry?

And once again, here is another Nigerian human who thinks feminism, gender equality and the fight for equal rights is down to who will wash the dishes in the house. Are books scarce in Nigeria? Why will people not read? Why do people feel feminism is a threat to the male penis?

Ancient Rome? Where? Who said it? When? Is response to what? In what context?

Demanding equality is not the same as demanding authority, but then I suppose the good DJ would not know that as they possibly did not teach it in Ancient Rome.

“Women need to be careful…” Ah great. More homework that we need to do in between cooking, cleaning, grovelling, raising the kids that you are not raising because you do not see them.

Daddy Freeze need not worry about Nigeria turning into America where everyone has a mother but no father. He has already spearheaded it, no? His words: “Ope has prevented me from seeing my kids for over a year now…” She’s physically abusive and no good, but he leaves his children with her to raise without any form of legal intervention. I suppose it frees him up to speak these inanities.

We have been raising children regardless of the man’s  presence in the home long before America came to be – women are wonderfully strong like that. Being a single mother is no curse despite what this ‘Latin and Classics fellow’ would have you believe. Indeed, being unmarried is just fine too if Daddy Freeze and his ilk are the prize. I’m sure his ex-wife would agree.

Find your little dish washer and marry her, Mr Olarinde. Leave the rest of us to set about the emancipation of womanhood. Thanks for your understanding.

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