Your words and actions are a reflection of who you are


“What you say flows from what is in your heart.”
– Luke 6:45

Simple words, yet very weighty and honestly, very convicting if you are truly honest with yourself.

The things you are spewing out cannot be separated from who you are. That is a lie we tell ourselves so we do not sound as bad or wicked as we actually know we are or know others to be.

When all you do or mostly do is spew out hate, abuse, gossip, slander and what have you, your heart is in poor shape. This is not even a Christian concept – it is fact of life. You cannot give out what you lack.

Also, when you are busy justifying the evil others say and do, then you need to admit to yourself that you are just as bad. These are things we like to blow lots of grammar over because it is so much easier than facing the truth; we are broken and need help.

Your words and actions are a reflection of who you are. Don’t like what you see, say and do? Then work on it, rather than lie to yourself and others or make excuses for it. That is what it means to grow up; you own your mess and you get better.

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