Yoruba language comes to Viva Naija!

Yorùbá language comes to Viva Naija

This is what we live for!!! Bringing the language to the people, to the youth, to Nigeria!! Just last week, we signed a contract with Kolly_Moore to give us weekly updates in Yoruba language. I know you have questions, so it’s a good thing I have answers too, right?

Q: News in Yoruba language? Wait o, is Viva Naija now a Yoruba site?
A: Not at all. But Kolly_Moore is such a talented writer that we just had to reach out to him. This is our little way of preserving the things we love most about our beautiful country.

Q: Ehen, so why only Yoruba? Hope you know there are other tribes in Nigeria.
A: Yes, we do, and while we cannot accommodate every single language, we will add more indigenous content when we can. It’s not about getting it perfect; it’s about getting it STARTED.

Q: Okay, and those of us who don’t know how to read Yoruba nko? What do we do?
A: Viva Naija is still packed to the rafters with English content. This is just our homage to our Mother Land. You can still enjoy news, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, music and so much more right here on our site.

Q: Okay, but would it kill you to put the translation at the bottom of the post?
A: Probably not, but why risk death? Lol, seriously though, we knew that if we put the translations, even people who know how to read the Yoruba language will just automatically go to the translation. We process better in English – we were taught to do so from a very young age. This defeats everything we are trying to accomplish.

Q: Even as a Yoruba person, I struggle to read Yoruba language. Who you epp?
A: And this is exactly WHY we are doing this. We want to improve our own knowledge of our language and we’re doing it in the simplest way we know how. The stories are always short – no more than 4-5 lines. The text has been stripped of ami/accents so that even a Lagos geh like me can still read it. Just try. It’s not that difficult. And you’ll feel a sense of pride when you achieve it!

Q: Is this for a short period or na so we go dey?
A: This will be for as long as oga Kolly_Moore humours us!

So there you have it, eyin eniyan mi! (That just means “My people” – the Yoruba test hasn’t started yet!). If you see any articles that wants to look like the writer has had one too many glasses of palm wine, it will probably be our main guy Kolly_Moore spitting Yoruba lyrics!

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