#youaintnomuslimbruv – the wonderfully British response to the Leytonstone Tube stabber is trending on Twitter

#youaintnomuslimbruv sign

There are some times when it is wonderfully sublime to live in the Queen’s land, and one bystander witnessing the terrorist stabbing at the Leytonstone Tube station on Saturday gave us one of such moments.

The terrorist attacker shouted “This is for Syria!” before stabbing a commuter in the neck.

The victims of the horrific crime are in hospital and even the most impacted patient has been described as stable with his wounds being non life-threatening.

As the suspect was being Tasered down and arrested (another glaring difference in Britain), a witness is heard shouting “You’re not a Muslim bruv, you’re an embarrassment”.

#youaintnomuslimbruv LUL sign

By so saying, this man has successfully captured years of Islamic terrorism in one short sentence – Islam stands for peace and brotherly love. Cowardly running up on someone trying to get home on a Saturday night with a knife doesn’t make you a Muslim and makes a mockery of the thousands of Muslims who live peacefully and successfully in this country.

Twitter users have pounced on the phrase, creating the hashtag with many of them praising the originator of the phrase:

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