15 year old Kelvin Doe builds radio station from scratch


West Africa, stand up! Sierra Leone, stand proud!!

I’ve watched this video over and over about eight times and I’m still so awestruck as to how this young man can make so much out of so little!

Kelvin Doe (although you may call him DJ Focus) just loves to invent. So he decided he wanted to invent a radio station. Thing is, he needed a radio. And he also needed some sort of energy to power the radio as a result of Sierra Leone’s epileptic power supply.

So this 15-year-old set about building all of this. He is so talented, he simply goes through rubbish cans in his neighbourhood, finds broken electronic sets and takes the parts he needs, fixes them if necessary, and joins them together to work the way he wants them to.

Let’s stop there for a second. Fifteen? When I was fifteen, I was….what I mean is, there was this one boy…and also Boyz II Men were doing “I’m Down On Bended Knees” and I basically hated all my teachers.

But DJ Focus is here, not building a model radio station, but an actual, functioning radio station on which he transmits tunes and conversation everyday.

I’m further pleased and proud that he’s not in the streets but is in gainful education, speaks fantastic English and seems to be quietly confident in his abilities.

We’re so proud of you, DJ Focus, keep slaying ’em!

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