2face protest: 2baba deserves massive support not moral censorship


The 2Face protest came about because the national treasure decided he was tired of the governance (or lack thereof) in our country. He called the nation to gather on the 5th February for a protest.

And the moral judges have come out en masse to conduct election ooo! So TuFace cannot lead a protest abi? Come on mechie  ọnụ! Where were you when no one was leading? Why have you been hiding inside your holiness cave while the country melts down in total disrepair? Oh, you were in consultation with the Holiest of Holies abi? You were busy consulting your numerous divinities? On whether it is time to help Nigeria or not? And now this man does not have a moral standing to lead a protest? Shey ori yin pe bayi? Una head correct so??

You voted for a president who has two known spouses and nine children from one of these women. You think he is morally justified to be your president? Even your god, “Baba Iyabo” (Obasanjo) has over 16 women who allegedly gave him twenty one children or more. We can continue listing the various men in this same country that your double-tongued personality has brought to power and enthroned as kings. The ones you voted for and kowtow to, how dem EPP you? No be this same country them dey wey everywhere just spoil anyhow? When will our sanity as a people be restored?

There are several leaders, Pastors, “alleged” activists, that have far greater wealth, influence and resources to lead a revolutionary protest that would unseat the selfish cabal we are contending against. They have all chosen to remain “holy” like you; only contaminated people seek for a true revolution in Nigeria. It is deeply saddening when Nigerians major in the minor and minor in the major. We have a terrible approach towards development and social change.

Tuface is simply a human like any one of us. I doubt he is finding it hard to eat or travel the world. I doubt if he would even have to smell Nigeria for the remaining days of his life if he desires not to; but like a true African son, he remembers the misery and wretch from where he started out. He is aware that nothing much has changed in his homeland except that he is no longer a gutter kid. He is taking the fight for the downtrodden on himself, he is making an effort, he is standing for truth. Brother, wetin you don do?

I think this is the time for us to grab every tiny straw of hope that we can find and use it maximally. This is the time to see an escape route and hurriedly pry it apart till it is too wide to close up. We need to be a people of sound judgement, throw aside our cloak of self righteousness and pick the right battles. As Jesus would say “He that is not against us is for us”, right now we need every Tuface we can get!!

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  • You’re right, nothing is ever as it seems with that country! But it is not good enough to call in his personal life or whatever. You’re either tired of the current situation or not. If you are, then either join the march or come up with a better idea yourself that can bring change.

    If you like the current situation or it’s favouring you (like a lot of those in the foreign these days), then hold your tongue and understand that while it may be good for you, it is not great for many millions.

    But rate the protest according to what he is trying to do, not how many children he has.

  • I initially didn’t think I had time to waste protesting because I knew this present government had nothing to offer. Nails all of us go suffer am. But with all these people attacking a man’s personality just because he has decided to speak out and say no to bad governance, maybe I’ll go for the protest Afterall. So because I have a child outside wedlock or I didn’t get a PhD I can’t voice my concerns about this crazy government. Nigerians will continue to get what they deserve

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