4 signs you are a real Lagosian


Lagos city is a fabulous and often humorous place filled to tipping point with all sorts of people and personalities. Now you do not have to be an indigene to be considered a bona fide “son of the soil” as there are certain quirks which cause the Lagosian to stand out anywhere in Nigeria. We are Viva Naija and here are 4 signs that you are a real Lagosian.

1) You are always in a hurry

Lagos is a frantic city that waits for no one. Everything moves at rapid pace and the people living there have had to adjust to this speed to make any head way. Need to catch a bus? Do it sharply! Need to get to work? Better hurry before traffic takes you! Need to iron clothes? Do it fast because PCHCN is not smiling! In fact, if a group of Nigerians die at the same time, na the Lagos people go surely reach heaven first. No sluggishness allowed in Lagos as the setting for all that live there is:

2) You are constantly vigilant:

There is a popular saying in Lagos which is “Shine ya eye!” Lagos city is NOT a place where you leave your sense at home and/or treat your belongings carelessly. To do so is to be shown up as a “newbie” and to be taken for many, many rides.

Eiyah, he did not shine his eye

3) You love to party!

Want to turn a Lagosian on? One word: “OWAMBE!!” Lagosians party hard and they are unapologetic about it! Bring on the music! Bring on the dancing!! And don’t forget the jollof rice!!!

TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) You can multi task for Africa!

Closely linked to the frenzied pace of Lagos is the almost super ability of it’s people to do several things at once. Perhaps to keep up with the frenetic pace, the citizen of Lagos may find herself making up her face, prepping for a presentation and having a phone conversation with a colleague while driving to work! Chai! Lagosians no dey slack!!!

A typical Lagos day

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? What other signs show a real Lagosian? Tell us about it in the comments below. As always, we are Viva Naija and we love you!



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