A Triumphant Breakthrough Night For Black Women: Uzo Aduba at the Emmys 2015

Uzo Aduba - Emmy - Reuters_Feature

Just when I thought my soul could not soar any higher after the Emmy Awards win by Viola Davis, our very on Uzoamaka Aduba – her of the open teeth and the ‘Crazy Eyes’ – wins the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in the comedy category for her hit series Orange is the New Black!

Uzo Aduba_Emmy_Awards_2015
©Invision for the Television Academy|Uzo Aduba – before the tears started

The 34-year-old Igbo gal was just overwhelmed by what is her second Emmy win that she simply could not stop blubbing, and I have to tell you, she made my eyes mist up as well.

Uzo Aduba - Emmy - Kevin Winter-Getty Images
©Kevin Winter/Getty Images |”And finally, I really just wanna say thank you to my family who have stood beside me my entire life…”

Winning for her outstanding role as Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren in the excellent drama series, Uzo started crying the second her name was announced as the winner, and she cried all through her awards acceptance speech where she thanked the entire cast and crew of OITNB starting from the creator Jenji Kohan and ending with her personal team of agents, management and lawyers.

Touching words that shows she understands the honour bestowed upon her by those that surround her “…you guys are incredible and I love you most…mostly because you let me be me.” What a privilege – to do what you love, what you were born to do, without sacrificing any of your identity. Would that we all had that privilege. Something to be grateful for indeed. Uzo Speech

The words that tipped me over the edge, though, was when she said “And finally, I really just wanna say thank you to my family who have stood beside me my entire life. My sister, Chi-chi, you are my very best friend. I am HUMBLED to call myself your sister, I love you so much”

Chi-chi was her date to the event and was moved to tears herself at the acceptance speech. When you are grounded in love and support, you can only excel and soar.

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