As Illegal Immigrants Flood The UK, Brit Bishop Calls For Compassion. Your Take?


A British bishop responsible for migrants has called for compassion as increasing numbers of African and Asian refugees seek to enter the tunnel from Calais, France, to Great Britain.

Bishop Patrick Lynch called for compassion and understanding while speaking at an event, stating that immigration is borne out of a desperation for survival with a myriad of complex reasons at the heart of it – armed conflict, civil war, the rise of ISIL, failure of some states to function adequately, social deprivation and poverty.

This desperation is given hope by human and sex traffickers offering false hope and fairy tales of people who’ve migrated successfully.

I’m interested in your thoughts on this. While I understand that nobody flees from security and a good life to risk life and limb on the high seas, when you think of failed visa applications, huge international student fees, NI Number wahala, Home Office, and working minimum wage for the first few months, can you muster sympathy for the illegal immigrant? What do you think the UK should do? Space go finish o!

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