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Darren Idongesit Aquaisua

Darren Idongesit Aquaisua is a staunch feminist and a hater of religious pretence and hypocrisy. His writing reflects this: he writes strictly for the emancipation of the human mind and the progress of the Human Female. The ride might be bumpy, but the destination is always interesting
witches and wizards

The people I consider the real witches and wizards

Allow me to introduce you to the word "vulnerable". Vulnerable people are those susceptible to physical and emotional harm. They are people who can be preyed on by wolves in sheep's clothing. Ever wondered why witches and...
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On feminism and equality: a debate

In a series of questions on feminism and equality by Timothy Nubunga Galumje, I give my personal opinions from the limited understanding I have on feminism as an instrument for correcting the wrongs done to...