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Master of freecell solitaire and all I survey. Mouthy and opinionated on every topic known to man and even some known to woman. Ewa Aganyin fanatic, abhorrer of ogbono. Olamide obsessive, Phyno aficionado, low-key omo wobe.

Actor Emeka Ike’s Wife Files for Divorce Over Allegations of Domestic Violence

It's a good character trait to have as a blogger, for sure, but when even you have to moan "Haba, Cara your tatafo is too much!" then you know you have a problem. Anyhoo, Emma...

These Gals Ain’t Loyal. Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and His Tattle Tale Ex

It hurts me so much to write anything about the Kardashians, but stay with me: I have a point to make here. So it turns out that Scott Disick has cheated on his partner...

FA, That Sexist Tweet, and the Importance of the Feminist Fight

In congratulating England's female football team, FA put forth this tweet: Sigh. just when it seemed like the women's sports had taken a turn and these women had shown the world that they are leaders...

Nooooo! Say It Ain’t So! Prof. Jega Steps Down as INEC Chairman. Boo.

The administrator of the cool, calm medicine known as Jegaquin® has stepped down from the office of Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC today June 30th. He oversaw the conduction of two...

Brand New Video Out for Fuse ODG’s Latest Song: ONLY

The pioneer of This Is New Africa 'TINA' Fuse ODG is back with a new track 'Only' - talking about the scenes, the animals, the lifestyles that we see only in Africa. This young...

Yemi Alade The Latest Artiste To Speak Out About BET’s Disrespect of Africa

Hot on the heels of Antenna star Fuse ODG's public snub of the BET Awards comes Johnny singer Yemi Alade and her frustrated rant at the way the awards show snubs Africa and its...

Di’Ja Is Back With A New Song – Amen

The crown princess of the Mavin Crew -  Di'Ja is back with a brand new song titled Amen. When I first heard it, I wasn't too sure. Sounded a bit to me like Mavin...

Davido Ventures Into a New Enterprise As He Launches A Clothing Line

Skelewu Star Davido has launched a new clothing line by name of O.B.O (Omo Baba Olowo) - kerching! He's received some flak for the "childish" logo, and the collection certainly seems scant, but at all...

Nse Ikpe Etim Wins Best Actress at the Golden Movie Awards

I might as well come clean now and say that I am a stan for this fabulous woman Nse Ikpe Etim, and I will always celebrate everything she does. So it gives me so...

Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Is Lovey Dovey With His MIssus in Belgrade

Look. What do I know? Somebody somebody (Linda Ikeji) said they're famous, so I popped it up here for your viewing pleasure. He's a Nollywood actor, she's a Nollywood actor's better half. Her name...