Biodun Fatoyinbo and his COZA Woes: Why We’re All A Little Guilty


COZA…there’s an insensate arrogance.No, not of the tall glass of nothing called Biodun Fatoyinbo, but of most of us.

An arrogance, even though not in support of the lecher masquerading as a Pastor, still looks at the whole situation and says stuff like:

“Were the ladies raped?”

“Victim? Victim ko, vanquished ni! Didn’t they get Gucci and Louboutin and pounds and dollars?”

“I mean, these ladies shouldn’t bother us with their nyen nyen nyen jare…were they expecting him to marry them?”

“Abeg, two adults fcuxed, apparently with consent o, so where is all this emotional nyen nyen nyen coming from? Some ladies and their wahala sha”.

A lot of us have said stuff similar to, or exactly like, the examples above – mumus christening the ladies allegedly coza-dicked and questioning how they deserve a single dot of pity. Our version of truth is merely that these ladies just lack some modicum of ‘common sense and maturity’.

Well, you are right, but I think this: you’re also insensitively arrogant, even though not deliberately.

It’s a kind of arrogance similar to that portrayed by Nigerian entrepreneurs who find sport in constantly career-shaming 9-5ers [office jobbers], forgetting the fact that not everyone is suited to “hustle on the street and become an h’entaprinior” as they always nag.

That some people – no matter the amount of money you, the h’entaprinior, make from selling pink lips and penis enlargement creams on Instagram – are just well-suited to excel and be happy in their regimented office environment.

It is dangerous arrogance whose wisdom consists of a bucketful of assumptions.

My point? Not everyone who has spread their legs for the dicknointing of Biodun Fatoyinbo is an ashewo.

My point? Not every woman out there will possess the same suit of mental acuity and emotional independence readily expected at a certain age. Because yes, some women are still vulnerable even at a certain “mature” age. Read vulnerable, not necessarily stupid, and I’m sure experts like Biodun always know their tells.

My point? Let’s not jump to assumptions and in the process, further damage the probable non-ashewo ones amongst these ladies who were basically vulnerable [due to any cause], and who, by the way, may never speak out. We must not silently damage them further.

Don Allah, karɓa da sauƙi…

Òbúko yi ni kí e jé ká face. The Church, what’s up?

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