COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Taking Us Yet Again to a Higher Level of Scandal


The COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, has been relentless, hasn’t he?

Allegedly digging into every hole of lies, parking his John Thomas into every vulnerable garage in sight, whilst preaching modesty and truth to his church? If true, shame.

I remember the first time news broke out about his affair with a “church girl” in 2013. Ese Walter screamed unforgiveness, confusion, and truth. It broke the internet.

It disgusts to now think that “Esegate” wasn’t big enough to stop this man, despite the fact that we “forgave” him for not giving the so called “robust response”. And why would it? Many who did not even know the lady or take the time to look into the veracity of the story shouted her down, called her unprintable names, and edified the man. He gave his response, alright – through his blind followers.

Now, Timi Dakolo has been bold enough to have apparently launched a can of robust REPLIESSSSS!

Not five times, not 50 times. Haba! Oga Biodun, Kilon shele nawwww? Leave the altar and kukuma build a harem fa!

Step aside, let someone else mount the COZA altar, and make peace with your demons. They are too blinding with disgust to be fought by anyone else. Of course, we know this will impact your lifestyle – where will all the sharp clothes, fancy cars and designer Bible bags come from without the unction of tithes and offerings – but perhaps it might help you to be a better man.

By the way, friends and well-wishers of Pastor Biodun, know that your contributions to the church have well been served up to silence these girls so they don’t speak their truth or speak of their worth.

And to you, the sheepish lot, who never disappoint us and will definitely open your mouths to condemn and defend these allegations against your “touch not my anointed” pastor, you are part of the problem. What am I even saying? You ARE the problem!

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