A bit of the future comes by everyday


In this economy people are buying cars, houses and taking trips abroad. It doesn’t mean the economy isn’t pinching them, as they are spending more money than they used to on all things as opposed to say two, three years ago. We all are. The thing is they are working.

Yes, some are already billionaires so work isn’t an issue but that’s not the group I refer to. I mean the ones like you and me who weren’t born with silver, golden or iron spoons in the mouth.

There are people all around you thinking of new ways to make money and get some extra cash in. Investments, jobs on the side, learning new marketable skills and going for trainings ahead of next year so they can apply them.

While these ones are working, others are lamenting and some are declaring abundance and doing nothing, not understanding that many of the people they are following to do those things are working their butts off and making money no matter how little.

In this year I still have clients – old and new. People are still asking and paying for design. Weddings never finish. No be the same people wey pay for camera man and video, plus decoration and co go need wedding programs and menu design. They need image work for their pictures. They need gift bags.

That one is just for weddings oh! I never talk of the rest. Even the small businesses need designs. There are things to learn and do to survive and be productive, so start something. The year is not yet over.

I see this year and the next as the years of the entrepreneur. These are the times for you to find that niche to explore and exploit so as to earn legitimately and take good care of yourself.

Of course we are in a recession and we are all feeling it one way or the other. But clearly some of us are doing something about it and others are not. Which group do you belong to?

I tell folks often that people keep hoping and praying for a future, not realising a bit of that future comes by every day. It isn’t one distant day in front of them and doing nothing means that “future” that they envision will never come to pass. No be swear.

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