When petty tastes good: Woman’s tweets go viral after shutting down racist co-worker


Racism can be hard to deal with, especially when it’s blatant and in your face. The gut instinct is to scream and shout and thump the life out of the offending lunatic. If you do that though, it’s just an easy win for them; they think you’re acting like the irrational human your colour sets you apart to be.

Sometimes, if you can give it a minute and breathe, God comes through and gives you a WIN of epic proportions. A win so winning that Winner’s Chapel will have no choice but to call you up and make you an honorary pastor.

This is the case ToraShae (or you can call her “LUHHHHH TOOORRR UHHHH” – all will become clear later), a strong voice in the African-American community who showed us how to deal with racist co-workers while still keeping your dignity and, most importantly, your job.

What’s super-sweet about this is the fact that it wasn’t a private triumph. The viral nature of the tweets as well as the simplicity of the pettiness means we can all practise it. It’s simple, really. If someone can’t be bothered with your name, then don’t lose sleep over theirs, either.

[Swear words alert]



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