Brand new video! 2Baba – Hate What U Do To Me


2Baba – Hate What U Do To Me: When I heard the words “New Video” and “2Baba” in the same sentence, I just grooooooaaaned. I’m still all in my feelings over Oya Come Make We Go featuring Sauti Sol, and I didn’t want anything to ruin the buzz. What if I don’t like this new song? What if it ruins the beautiful taste of that song on my tongue? I am not here for trial and error or eargasm lottery; Oya Come Make We Go is my jam and no contest.

Well, turns out that this is a new video but not a new song. Hate What U Do To Me is from his “Ascension” album back in 2014. I’d certainly never heard the song before, so this was the perfect excuse to listen to it.

And guess what? I love, love, love it! Wallahi, 2Baba can sing the hell out of a ballad, and this is no different. The angst is clear to hear for anyone who’s ever been in a tumultuous relationship. I really could listen to this all day long.

The Video?

Not so much. For no other reason but the girl used. I will continue to champion the cause for dark skinned ladies.



I cannot ABIDE this preference for light-skinned, mixed-race, point blank Asian women in our music videos. Nigeria is a West African country. We have an ongoing relationship with the equator and ergo, the sun. We are a Black race, a Black nation. What is all this melanin deficiency I see everywhere?

I can understand why the upstarts such as Tekno might feel the need to pander, but 2Baba is a national treasure. He could put a sack of charcoal on the screen, get Clarence Peters to shoot it, and we would love it. Where in God’s name did he find this Destinambari?

I am not here for Bombay Bae, her Brazilian weave or her faux ukwu.

But I really do urge you to listen to the song because it’s really awesome sauce.

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