Can Your Life Experience Be a Lifeline?


I want to touch on a topic that is so dear to me – how we can use our life experiences to make a difference.

What is Within Your life experiences?

Life experiences – we all have them, some good, some great and the not-so-great ones that we store in the dark recesses of the mind.

Life experiences happen and in some cases, there is very little we can do about them when they occur.  My encounter with Mary Akangbe, the author of ‘Gifts, Roses and Bruises’ taught me that we can make the most of a bad life experience.  The key is to determine not to allow these experiences to break us but to contribute to who we are destined to be.

How can we use the lessons learnt from the not-so-good life experiences? Here are some tips for you:

  • Accept the fact that life happens.
  • Focus on the positive – negativity deprives you of the energy you need today.
  • Focus on others – someone else might need your help to get through a similar problem.
  • Study others – some have gone through it and could help you too.
  • Celebrate today – see every day as the chance to write a better story.
  • Make the most of it – you can package your experience into a product or service that provides solutions for others.

I love this quote by Serena Williams “I decided that I can’t pay someone to rewind time so I might as well get over it.”  We can’t rewind time but we sure can write a different story going forward.

Can You Package Your Life Experiences?

If you are thinking of what you can do with your life experiences, why not download my FREE eBook – 20 Reasons Why You Should Package Your Passion.  One or two of the reasons listed will surely resonate with you and help set you on your way.

Quick Exercise:

  • Make a list of five of your life experiences – good or bad.
  • Now in front of each one, think of what you can do with it – talk about it, write about it, make products out of it etc.
  • Choose one of the five and use it as a keyword to research about it via Google.

Let me know how you get on after you have read the eBook.

Business Blessings

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