Challenge accepted? Here’s a cancer challenge for you: donate! (by Melissa Emmanuel)


I have an issue with social media campaigns such as the ‘Challenge Accepted‘ one that has been trending recently in order to promote cancer awareness. Cancer affects or will affect 1 in 3 of us, therefore it is logical to argue that we all are ‘aware’ of cancer. Why would people with cancer need you to post a black and white picture of yourself?

Many cancer patients, survivors and campaigners have hit out against these viral cancer campaigns. This is because in reality, they achieve nothing. And to be fair although I know that people do these bandwagonist viral campaigns with good intentions, as someone who deals with cancer and its issues daily, it actually really irritates me. To be honest it comes across as self-promotion as opposed to cancer awareness.

Unless you are giving useful information about the cancer prevention, early detection or speaking about a particular fundraising campaign, please just post a normal selfie of yourself and keep it pushing please.

Here’s an idea as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, why don’t we all make a small donation to Children with Cancer UK?

For those living or wishing to help out in Nigeria –


This charity gives every parent of a diagnosed child (I received one 2 years ago) a one off grant on diagnosis, when they probably need it the most. Rather than posting a picture of ourselves, let’s post a picture of the donation payment confirmation! Or a picture of us raising funds for charity!

Don’t just talk about it, be about it! Make a real difference not just a statement.

For those living or wishing to help out in Nigeria –

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