Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to Messi’s prison sentence – SEE


Finally, the tax fraud/evasion case against Lionel Messi was put to bed in a Spanish court on Wednesday, 6th of June, 2016, as a 21-month prison sentence was meted towards Messi and his father, Jorge Messi.

Fans and foes were made to realise though, that the witty footballer won’t necessarily serve his prison sentence in jail, and better still, can also appeal this ruling.

Here at Viva Naija, we were also able to just capture a frame of responses from his unofficial arch competitor, Cristiano Ronaldo. See interview below:

VN: Ronaldo, you know you’re the best in the world?

CR7: Yeah right…..wait, on a second thought, dont flatter me Viva Naija…we jus dey try ni.


VN: What do you have to say about Messi’s prison sentence?

CR7: Well, as you can see, I’m wearing black, a Tux, errrr, I,m mourning…don’t mind my smile.


VN: Don’t you think the court was too harsh? A whole 21 months for that gentle Messi who can barely hurt a fly!!

CR7: Guy, puhleeeease. It’s just 21 months. God will see him through na….


VN: It seems you will miss him when he is gone, right?

CR7: Yes now, I will miss, very dearly, like this….

and like this too..LOL


VN: Haba, bros, you are harsh oh…LOL???

CR7: Me? laugh? No oh!


VN: And you are still laughing….it is not good oh, to laugh at other’s fall…it’s schadenfreude

CR7: Chauden…what? hahahaha. Viva Naija and big big grammar sha…abeg let’s leave this Messi matter.


VN: But, Ronaldo, it appyas Messi MAY not go to jail oh….according to these new reports coming to us live…

CR7: Ehn! You say? Hay God!


VN: Ha! Wait oh Ronnie, it actually appyas Messi WON’T go to jail… the ruling can be appealed.

CR7: What is wrong with this spanish courts for God’s sake??? What!! Common ruling they cannot rule!


VN: *In Falz’s voice* Oya sorry ci-ronando, we are sorry to be carrier of the breaking news…pele, oya stand up.

CR7: just negodu…


VN: Well, Ronnie Ronnie, we hope you’d answer us when we invite you here again for another sizzling interview? *all teeth out*

CR7: Guy, do you mean me well? DO YOU MEAN ME WELL?


Hmmn, that’s how Ronaldo just “omawumi-ded” us oh, peck-less, hug-less, autograph-less…all these celebrities sef…


PS: Is this a sub, shade, SUBmarine or sunSHADE?

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