• Any person can assume any name in Nigeria. Any other person can adopt and use apostle Suleiman’s name as his without infringement of any law in Nigeria, see the decision of the Nigeria court of Appeal in; Matthias Oko Offoboche v. Mathias Oko Offoboche, transcript of lodgment per se means nothing. Evidence of mental instability by parents carry great weight, such that I’m surprise credibility of any kind is still been given to the stories of the girl. Tough luck.

  • Pls , can some ask this Stephanie Otobo lady, what does she want, what did she want 2 achieve on this mater, bc, all this ur digging out of d past btw u n pastor Suleman, will take u no way, than it will only base back 2 u, bc no body knows if pastor Suleman hv gone 2 GOD 4 mercy, n he ( GOD ) hv 4giving him, n u are here messing up ur self, whether pastor Suleman is fake or nt, is no body power 2 judge him, nt even u that said, u n him hv some romantic afire in d past, so pls, stop messing up ur self, bc ur truth u are trying 2 say now, stink so bad 2 believe

    • David the Bible described as a Man after God’s heart but when he committed adultery with Uriah’s wife and killed him, do you know that he suffered the consequences despite the fact that he repented openly? Read your Bible. Apostle was not described as a Man after God’s heart, he’s yet to openly repent as expected but busy gallivanting all over the place all in the name of God. Do you know that more crimes are committed in God’s name than in the name of Satan by the likes of Suleiman described in the Bible as Wolves in Sheep’s clothing? Be wise.

    • Hahahahahaha, Akin Aderibigbe, am happy that u do read Bible, but nt wit d help of d Holy Spirit, my bro, there ws no grace then, in d time of moses, Solomon, king David n co, it ws eye 4 eye, now we are in his grace, his Blood hv paid it off, but dt get me wrong oo, that does nt mean, we can go on n sin, NO, but his grace n mercy can do what e did nt do then,
      Oh, u dt no we are in a new convennat now, glory b 2 GOD sir

    • Pls, who ever that is reading what am saying now, pls, dt get me wrong ooo, I an nt trying 2 cover pastor Suleman sin or any body sin, NO, I just want 2 no, what does she, Miss stephehia Otobo want 2 achieve on this mater, if truly 4 what she said, d did hv bean done, n d owner of life, still let life continued, both she n d pastor does nt disserved life again, but he way it over, n let go, bc of his blood, so y this past story of a tin again, y, she want 2 c d pastor pool out from ministry, or bean disgrace, or what does she want.
      Whether d pastor did it wit her or nt, who hv d power 2 judge any body, n mind u, as a gud Christian, u are nt 2 open up ur brother or sister shame, NO, u are 2 stand in a gap in prayer, 4 him or her, 4 GOD 2 hv mercy on d person, n 2 bring d person back in2 d family of Christ again, so y this crucified him crucified him, y, bc he is a pastor, n u cl ur self a Christian, it’s well ooo

    • From sm comments those who are asking wat d lady will benefit from dis u people are economical wt d truth bcos God is greater than any man so if really she proves d truth then d name of d lord will b glorified so u guys must be bold to face facts so we wnt attracts d wrath of God

    • My opinion on all this matter is that if truly the Apostle had anything to do with her he should have handled this matter diplomatically and not flex his muscle as a well respected man of God. The lady in question has nothing at stake but the Apostle has a lot.

  • My people perish for lack of knowledge. So Man of God cannot fall into temptations??? What goods did she supplied or services rendered to deserve such huge payment if not payment for sex?? People are gullible and elevate any crook with the Title Pastor or Apostle to heights they do not deserve.To make matters worse some people are defending this sex pervert with borrowed airtime, nonsense.

    • Who is a true servant of God wat are ur proofs listen answer a simple question wat business did both transact for him to send him such amount nd u mention were demons feared to walk where do u mean d same place strippers nd prostitutes tread or wc pls don’t mock d name of d lord anymore our God is nt a flirting God nd those who use d name of God to collect money from innocent people nd spend them uselessly let them wait surely d lord will expose them wat was d pastor paying for pls andwer

    • Chimobim Emma, a quadruple portion of doom has already visited you and your household. As you’ve dared to point one evil finger at me the remaining four is yours. Fool, slave hard and pay the likes of Suleiman to shine kongo, mumu.

  • Akin, Have you taken time to look at the bank account…1.9m deposited by one Suleman and no reasonable withdrawal after such money deposited, is she that rich that for more than a month..someone will drop first 0.9m then you will not even care to touch or withdraw until another 1m is dropped again…then you will be withdrawing 5k 20k…the highest after such a long time 130k…three months later…does it look real?…or you will tell me she has many bank accounts this one is not her business account?…

    • Are u saying d sulemann is nt ur apostle or u are saying d account nd d transactions are fake I don’t get ur posts wat exactly do u mean u can ve an account nd don’t withdraw over a long period of tym dts nt an excuse or facts to discredit d lady my question is was d transactions authentic bcos it’s a criminal offence to forge bank statement wc d lawyers are aware pls if u are close to d pastor advice him if really he is quilt he shld confess openly nd pray for forgiveness

    • I put up some thesis, questions to be answered, you made a conclusion..i dont judge by what i hear or see but final judgement to find out the truth..point of correct Apostle i dont know or heard of before now….so dont be fast in making assumptions….this is an open trial and investigation so every little starnd must be closely looked at. to a conclusive end…I understand you know Apostle very well so i hand over to you to advice him on behalf of all…..

  • All this matter for don blow over – with Efe and ‘his logistics’ engaging the masses – if only brother had maintained radio silence. If you know there is no truth in this Stephanie chick, y trade tirade with her publicly? If na FG set you up, ignore too, only them go chop their blocks themselves. But to engage the girl…. Publicly, lends credibility to her statement.
    If crase person engage you for road dey halla tiff..tiff follow you, you go respond? Except say you know say you move something..

  • He sure defended himself in open even in Sunday service nd on social media y are u deceiving ur self pls free ur self from spiritual bond age nd allow God bless u nd don’t add u to d one who ve misused his name

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  • She’s not the only one that Apostle Sulieman helps because he’s one of the men of God who help those in need. Remember the actor that testified that Apostle Sulieman whom he has never met gave him 8M for kidney transplant. She’s now using the account into which the man of God paid in money to help her because she begged for financial help against him. Our good gesture will not kill us oooo.

  • There is no bank statement dt Oluwole can’t print. Oluwole wey fit arrange passport with viza in it. OTOBO and her accomplices fit fool fools, not me. And the BBM is d cheapest of all. It takes 2seconds to change my BBM personal name to johnson Suleiman and have his pix as DP, i only need another person to act change theirs to Otobo and we begin to chat whatever we want people to see. You people should try harder, only that the more una cook up more lies, the more you look stupid.

  • Most of us are just being EMOTIONAL here, first when Prophet Nathan confronted King David on Uraihs wife, David acknowledged his guilt and beg for REPENTANCE
    So if the Pastor is ACTUALLY A MAN OF GOD, acknowledging his sins will not make him a less Mortal, Restitution/Atonement/Penance and he moves on, that is if he Pastor Actually had the affairs with her
    As for this woman, what dignity will be left with her?
    She is not looking beyond today
    She CAN NOT BRING ANYBODY DOWN except God says so
    But who on Planet Earth will ever come to her aid again
    Those of us edging them on, please don’t defend, either Party just pray for then

  • I wish all the people that Apostle Sulieman has help will come out and also the amount of money paid into their account, you will know that this demonic agent is just using Apostle Suliaman’s good gesture against him. She was a frustrated prostitute in Canada and the man of God thought he will be able to bring her back to Christ and out of the kind of life she was living.

    • @Toluleke Adegboro: The BBM chat was arranged by the police which helped them to get her and her tricks well well. Apostle Sulieman was acting on police instruction by making him (Apostle Sulieman) play along with her by answering positively as if he was actually with her and she was asked to come down to Nigeria and collect the money paid into her Nigeria bank account and she came to withdraw the money not knowing that the man of God has already involved the police who where trailing her when she came to the bank to withdraw money because. She thought she was smart but DIVINE WISDOM EXPOSED HER.

    • In one of your comments in replying someome I saw you insulting a commentator on his grammatical construction. I see you also made a mistake in this comment…..check the first line the “help” is “helped”. My point is we may not agree on something but let us refrain from insulting others. English is not our language, we can help people by correcting them and not insulting them. Dont let’s bring ourselves to their level. We can respond with love. Shalom

  • Let God be the judge, 4 me I still believe in the ministry of the Apostle irrespective of wot Otobo & her likes are saying. This cud just be one of Satan’s strategy of fighting the good work of God this end time.

  • Is that enough evidence to prove that there was something,how many people has he paid in money into their acc,this is rubbish,bank statements can be arranged and typed,it is very easy,it is a computer work,abeg give us better news this one na AJAMBELE NEWS

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