Everlasting bastard and disgrace Michael Adebolajo sues the UK prison system for missing teeth


That awful moment when you hear a name on the news and you wish to God the criminal was any other race – even Martian – because the crimes he committed are so grisly and so against anything you believe in or hold sacred that you cannot bear the thought that you have anything in common with such a beast.

This was my exact feeling when I heard the name Michael Adebolajo on the news as one of the killers who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby in the most gruesome way on the streets of London that dark, dark day in 2013.

The public outcry was overwhelming and the following days of seething tension and unrest will always stand in my mind as one of my proudest times in this country – London could have BURNED, but our determination to NEVER let the enemy win stood us in good stead as people went about their daily business cloaked in disbelief and grief for the needless loss of a young man’s life.

Today, this gutless, spineless, deranged excuse for an individual is looking to sue Her Majesty’s Prisons, stating that while in detention at Belmarsh Prison in 2013, rough treatment by prison wardens led to a bruised head and the loss of two teeth.


Luckily, it would seem that the system documented the incident and it is now known that Adebolajo was resisting the escort to his cell on the date in question, he bumped his head on a window, and was offered medical assistance at the scene which he refused.

It is also known that, this being a civilised country, the five officers involved were suspended at the time and cleared after six weeks of investigation. All of which points to what we always knew: Adebolajo does not deserve to ever be free. I extrapolate, but…y’know…

It is unclear how much he is asking for, but similar cases have sought up to £20,000.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘A police investigation into this incident took place and no charges were brought against members of staff.

‘The public will be rightly outraged at the thought of this man receiving compensation from the taxpayer and we robustly defend claims made against the Prison Service.’

He has been completely remorseless to this point and this new twist to the tale suggests that he is as mad as a box of frogs if he thinks the same system he tried to hurt will compensate him for his wee bump on the head.
It gives me a modicum of joy to know that he will spend the rest of his days behind bars and will never hurt this nation again.
May the soul of Fusilier Lee Rigby continue to rest in peace, and may his family receive strength and know that Britain feels their loss too. R.I.P.

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