Gender roles, tampons and washing ladies’ undies


So this morning I was having a conversation with a friend about gender roles and she asked me two questions. They were:
“Could you get tampons for a girl?”
“Can you wash her panties?”

My replies to both were a “HELL YEAH!” and “Why not?” Responses that I figure took her by surprise and it made me wonder, what is the taboo in the above?

Could you get tampons for a girl? Shuo, hell yes, na! What’s the problem? Is it not just blood? You no get blood for your own body? If I cut you open now will you bleed Ice cream? And come to think of it, Is she not bleeding every month so that one day someone can call you “daddy”? So kini big deal in the matter? Or is it because she inserts it into her vagina that it is doing you? But bros you have also been trying to insert yourself into her vagina na! Can’t you share space? There is love in sharing after all… 😆 😆 😆

Tampons and cupcakes?! A very smart man indeed!

Can you wash her panties? Why not? Is it not just a fabric of clothing? You as a guy, don’t you also have undies? So if you have the opportunity to wash them and the lady doesn’t mind, you will fold your hands and insist “It is not done!”

Ehen? but you won’t think twice about handing her your boxers, complete with pee spots (when they tell you to shake after use you won’t lizn) and skid marks (when they tell you to use water that tissue is not enough, you are forming civilised and refuse to lizn) to wash abi?

And come to think of it, Isn’t her panties the clothing that covers that part of the body that you emerged from (all wet, sticky and bloody) and you have been struggling (spending time, resources and plagiarising song lyrics) to get back into? That part of her body is obviously of some value to you. The least you can do is help keep it clean… (later you go dey claim say na your workshop…mstchewwwwww! Shior!!!)

Look bros, the societal defined gender roles are NOT set in stone. It is in a constant state of flux and it is in your best interests to adapt and get with it.

The above are just two ways a man can let tradition or pre-conceived notions get in the way of relationships. I believe that all customs are to be examined. Those that are beneficial should be retained and those that do not, should be evicted with a “It is not me, it is you. Come and be going!” If you, as a man, feel that your masculinity is somehow threatened by doing the above or playing roles that are usually ascribed for the ladies, then I think it’s time to re-evaluate what you think it is to be a man.

Well those are my thoughts, I don talk my own finish.

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