Jimoh the Joke: Why do politicians think we have short memories?


Last week, news broke that Nigeria’s jack of all trade businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, had secured the PDP nomination form to contest in the gubernatorial elections in Ondo this year, November 26 to be precise.

Well, beyond being just news, the report turned out to be the joke of the year.

Jimoh Ibrahim, during his declaration of intention speech, moved further to state that he will clear Ondo’s state present debt of 120 billion naira in a year. Well, that amplified the joke, and the people laughed harder.

This is a man who is seemingly Siamese with EFCC petitions and court injunctions. The man is robed in huge debt profiles. The finance brouhaha that forms the purple ring around Jimoh Ibrahim’s neck is ugly. Ugly enough to make him hide somewhere, roasting his pot of garri jejely.

Jimoh the Joker, Onigbese I of Gbese Kingdom and the EFCC

But no, he still dared Nigerians! He still dared Ondo people! He looked them square in the eye and proclaimed “I will be your governor!”

Are we surprised? No, we aren’t, because, Jimoh the Joker is a typical Nigerian politician who out of a mastery of poli-trickery, thinks and believes that a majority of Nigerians are fools who forget easily. This is one of the demerits of people in the public eye, talk more, a politician.

Well, not done with the acute resistance he got from the moment he dropped his mic at his gubernatorial declaration, Jimoh the Joke went on to test the waters on Twitter yesterday.

The business mogul turned politician opened a Twirra account to repeat the same folly he’s previously expressed on traditional media. Nigerians reminded him immediately how he his unfit to rule his personal life, talk more govern a whole state. In short, twitter pieced his superfluous social media ambitions into smithereens.

And now he knows that khaki of a tweet is stronger than any leather elsewhere on social media.

You see, in the vast seas where insubordination and lack of home training reside, Twitter is the whale of these waters. 140 characters is all you really need. 140 characters for them to rue the day they listened to bad advice and brought their shameless selves to Twirra. You don’t believe us? Shekirrout:

Lol, feeling like a Twitterer

Aaaand then he got over-excited. Got ahead of himself…

The disrespect started only small small…


You know when Yorubas start using respect to abuse you, you’re in trouble!

The insult entered his body o, cos he started making “Wheeen wheeen wheeen!” like a baby



So my dawg came straight back forming gangsta!


Oga, are you a learner?? TWITTER DON’T PLAY!

We have a funny feeling in our tummies that this uncle will soon leave Twitter for us, so we made screen shots. Last last, e go delete all, not be lie!

Jimoh the Joke, now you know…you’ve been served. Next time, don’t act as if Nigerians suffer retrograde amnesia.

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  1. Your mouth must be sugar coated to win an election, people like and believe lies,they hate the truth because it is bitter and gives headache, even if you want to woo a lady,you have to package your lies to get her

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