Biko, bia. This matter of visa-free entry into the UK…na true?


My people, my people! I know I can always rely on you for latest news that is both factual and detailed. This aproko of a thing is a two-way channel because I know our reader-base are an intelligent lot.

So that’s how I was minding my business which day here when a friend sent me a link. No greeting, no caption, just a link on my Whatsapp messenger. I opened it, it was news that the Theresa May and the rest of the UK government had announced Visa-Free Entry for citizens of Commonwealth countries. This includes Nigeria  and Uganda amongst other countries. I’m sure Uganda have a flag but abeg mek dem go start their own blog. I no get power for Wikipedia wahala today.

Anyway, the gist is that these countries will not require visas for a 6 month stay in the UK, but will require them for anything longer. This policy affects both personal and business visits.

The link was one of those random blogs I’d never heard of. I searched for the story on BBC and Guardian – no luck there either. I ignored it. Only for me to see the news again today on How Africa!



Did the UK not JUST vote Brexit? Abi na me dey craze? They want to close the borders to the rest of Europe with its fairly stable currency and fairly Caucasian-looking brethren? In order to fling said gates open to African nations? The same ones who have a lot of IMF debt? Who are running out of diamonds because they are all in the Queen’s crown(s)? Who are running out of oil because…e must to finish one day na, and anyway, market no just sure for now? Nigerians who as of one month ago were struggling to buy common tomato? Africans who are looking for the slightest excuse to leave their country, complete the brain drain so they can go build up other nations?

Am I the only one that smells Kunta Kinte II – The Second Gawking of the Black Man in the making?

Odikwa egwu.

Look, I’m not saying I’m exempt. I am living in the White Man’s land and using my resources here. It is true that I may be a slave to the pound sterling, but I am free to live as I choose. Freedom. I go home when I want. And when I do, I take the harvest back with me. I don tell Baba Yemi mek e help me find one small farm. This is what freedom looks like. To me, anyway.

Anyway, like I said, BBC never carry am, and CNN or Guardian never talk true either. Na hia we dey. As this matter wan end, we go soon see am.


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