Just be honest


The internet is a great place to learn, connect with people, and start a business or push an existing one out there. There are tons of customers and people who can link you to them so don’t under estimate the pull, reach and validity of using social media to get out there and score big points.

Just be honest.

Don’t lie about products and services. Don’t steal people’s work and ideas then pass it off as yours. Don’t try to befriend people just so you can steal their clients. Don’t take an idea someone shared with you, rush it out as yours, then lie it was your idea from the start.

These things are despicable, really and I know people who have done it, just as I’m sure there are many others I’ll never even hear of.

Someone even stole an idea from a colleague months ago. He was contracted to work on an app and a website for an idea and the their stole it, made it his, changed the name and pushed out a campaign for it. He even advertised on Lindarious Nkemjika’s blog!

When contacted, he showed no shame or remorse. That one will fail in business in time, not just because he stole but because he doesn’t even understand the dynamics or how to make it grow bit by bit.

One of the things thieves like this don’t get is that ideas come a dime a dozen. The difference comes in making them work and grow right. Something you stole will profit you for a time but since you don’t have the original plans and team for it, that thing will fail in time or not do as well as you’d hope.
Aside all that, it shocks me how some people can easily steal from others, get money and recognition from it and still be at peace. That’s a serious level of low and conniving. Them go even thief ya Facebook post and their ugly pictures and pose!

Anyway, this isn’t just me talking about karma or God repaying you. This is me saying be mature and honest in your dealings. Do the right thing and grow your business/brand well.

One last thing people don’t know or don’t remember is that the internet never forgets. You can steal now and parade it as yours but someone somewhere will one day see it and that day, God help you when they rain down fire on you here in front of family, friends, colleagues and clients.

You will lose so much that day including the respect of many. Only sycophants, enablers, liars and thieves like yourself or people who just enjoy what they gain from you will egg you on in the foolishness. Or maybe they just hate you secretly and want to see you burn so they justify what you do and encourage you in it. Either way, rest assured, you will burn in time.

Just be honest. It costs you less in the long run – whether monetary wise or in terms of respect and clientele. But of course you can ignore all this and be stupid. You also have that right in this technical recessional hymn of an economy.

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