Klint Da Drunk Baby Mama Drama: the pitfalls of carrying kurukere belle – by Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie


So, Klint Da Drunk’s baby mama calls him out on social media for reasons best known to her.

I’ll try to be brief, so I’ll make this bullet points:

  1. If you get pregnant for a man you are not married to and go ahead to have a baby for him, he owes you NOTHING.
  2. If you get pregnant for a man you know is married and go ahead to keep the baby even without consulting him, he owes you NOTHING.
  3. The decision to be a single parent should be a well thought out one by the woman, taking her own financial capabilities into consideration and not predicated on the man’s financial capacity.
  4. If you cannot afford to feed yourself first, you cannot afford to be a single mother.
  5. Calling him out on social media proves nothing and does not hold him to any obligations. All it does, is tell the whole world you are his baby mama. So? You are not the first baby mama in the world, you will not be the last.


6. If I were Klint Da Drunk, I will remain ignoring you. Especially if we didn’t agree that you should have the baby but you still went ahead to. If I want to be responsible for my child’s upkeep, I will be. Subject to what I think is reasonable (and I can see he has been doing that). Any other plans or expectations you have, is you living in lala land.

Wake up.

  1. If I were Klint Da Drunk’s wife, I would offer that you allow us bring up the child with ours since you obviously can’t afford to bring her up and we don’t have money to throw around. You can visit whenever you want or you can move on with your life.

You all may call it whatever you want, those with sense will realise that is the only way to shut the circus down, and prevent any more freaks from attempting to sign up for a space in the spotlights.

  1. Number 1 again please.
  2. Number 3 again please.
  3. Please remember that I am a single mother and so, I have all the experience I need to speak on this. The decision to be a single parent by an adult over 21, should be a deliberate decision.

Sit down.

Calculate your life.

Be sure that you and you alone can afford to go the whole hog.

Then take the plunge.

If not, last I checked, the recession has not yet affected the price of condoms and it is not even about preventing pregnancies.

What about STDs?

What about your own sexual health (and overall health)?

As for now, all I see is another attention seeking, social climbing, sexually transmitted status seeking, wannabe.

Get over it aunty, you are not the first young woman to be a single mother.

You will not be the last.

Suck it up, get the heck off social media, go and find a job or legitimate hustle, and try to make your daughter proud of YOU so she in turn, can strive to make you proud of her in future.

That is the satisfaction a lot of single mothers crave and what keeps them going daily.

Trust me when I tell you for free, that a lot of us single mothers will endorse that last statement I just made, a million percent.


Read more of Viola’s work, comments and opinions on her blog and website – Fifitalks

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