Love your life and do it right


I’ll say it again and again. The moment you get serious with your life, make changes, grow and move forward, you’ll find that you have less in common with many people and some will distance themselves from you, calling you names and accusing you of all sorts of crap. That is fine. Don’t kill yourself about friendship. You’ll find others along the way whose values link beautifully with yours

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in the first 20 years of my life was to try to be liked by and be friends with everyone. I made silly mistakes, sinned like mad and bent over backwards, losing self respect and much more. The moment I started saying no, readjusting myself and focusing on standing by my principles my life got better, sweeter and I had less people causing me pain.


Your life will never be perfect and void of trouble or bad people, but when you start working on it and you, it is clear many things fall into place and many people step off.

You have only one life. Love it and live it right.

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