Married men and women, single men and women…everybody just needs to take a seat!


I’m so over these Facebook fights. Look, if you’re a married woman and you come out here on Facebook to fight and throw tantrums, Madam, you’re a serious emotional wreck. Go and fix your marriage and quit taking it out on people who come to Facebook and Twitter for fun.

If you’re a single lady, and you come out to the streets to fight and throw subs abi na throw shade, you’re psychologically depraved and should visit Yaba Left.

If you’re a married man, and you come out to insult women when their opinions are divergent to yours, Oga, go home and fix your marriage. Even the witches in your village are ashamed of you!

You single man who insults as easily as breathing, and name-calling specialist has become your mid-name, the people here are not the reason for your misfortune. Mbok, go and get deliverance at True Covenant Sabbath Mission.

Facebook fights

What’s wrong with humans sef? We are in the sixth month already oooh! What impact have you made on your life the last few months? The year is almost gone and you’re still the same you that left last year in to this year, do you even think at all? This brain God gave you, is it functional or just thick mass of fat occupying everywhere?

I fear for some humans o. Even the usual fall guy, Satan, is shaming for some people.

How can you leave the mess you will deal with in real life and come out on facebook to throw tantrums and pick fights with people you’ve never met and might never meet? Nna men, person dey reason som kain things naaaa….

Abeg, I’ll cool my temper with small stout first.

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