Meghan Markle will not have to sign a prenup for marriage to Prince Harry


So I hear Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not signing a prenup leading up to their upcoming marriage. Firstly, I didn’t even know the Royal Family dealt with that. I can’t imagine an estranged wife trying for an estate or a palace. The Monarchy will not follow you to do Dads 4 Justice or arrange for you to see your kids in the car park of the local McDonald’s every other Saturday. If you’re still breathing, consider yourself lucky.

But I am seeing a trend where many think love should trump prenups. There are people who feel agreeing to sign a prenup suggests suspicion that the union will not work. What do y’all think?

So this is how I feel. Personally, I wear a seat belt because in the event that something DOES go wrong, I know that my life (to a large extent) is protected. It doesn’t mean I am praying for anything to go wrong, and 99 out of 100 times, I will go out and and come home safely. Also, if it’s someone else driving, I’m still wearing a seat-belt regardless. If you take that to mean I don’t trust your driving, wahala lo ko ara e si. Na you get your mouth; anything you like, you fit use am take talk.

I have the same safety attitude towards a prenup. In the tragic circumstances of a divorce, people will not be thinking with the same benevolence they entered the marriage with. You see that 1st Edition copy of Papa Ajasco you like so much? I’m going after it. Just so I can use it to line my cutlery drawer in my new apartment.

And I know you will now start forming “I love dogs” just so you can gain custody of my little Bingo…then you will ask your Calabar neighbour to watch him while you travel. Ika oshi.

Anyway, point is – a prenup just means that while we disentangle the cords that join us together, no one feels duped or wronged by the financial situation within the union.

But never mind me, what do you think?

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