The 5th Time: Messi reigns again, and his son Thiago, steals the show


Twitteratti bellowed Neymar Neymar from every angle, but in the end, FIFA followed the stats that don’t lie, and without much surprise, crowned El Mesias, the one and only Lionel Messi, as the best footballer in the world for the record 5th time!

Somebody shout awesomellujah! ! ! !

He actually worked for it and deservedly got, despite the lull effect this 5th win might have on some fans.  

Messi reigns supreme!

The Argentine overcame competition from perennial rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who had won the award for the last two years, and Barca teammate Neymar, who was in the top three for the first time.

Messi wa having all the golden gloss, but, his carbon-copy son, Thiago Messi, wasn’t having it. He took his time to attest to his father’s 5th triumph in Zurich by signaling with his fingers too – and while doing so, he stole the gold with his cute delivery. …


By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo was not gonna be beaten in every way too…he had other plans….#NoTimeToBrood. … 😆

That Neymar look tho’ ? ?. …Neymar be like….”waas strong wit dis wan sef…u berra live (sic) my Oga’s skele alone now! “

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