Na who suffer don help?! Time to stop shaming women on their preferences


I don’t get this thing about guys calling ladies materialistic whenever they say that they want men who own cars. What is materialistic about having a means of transportation?

Methinks it’s the economic condition of this country that has contributed to guys having such mentality. Such mindset isn’t good for democracy at all o, shuo!

A guy who calls a lady materialistic for desiring a car owner as her man is wicked, insecure and plagued with very low self esteem. If you can’t afford a car, that shouldn’t make you abuse those who own or desire it.

Is there anyone who enjoys suffering? Even Job became angry at God for his calamity. It is in our nature as humans to desire the better things in life. However, some people just ain’t vocal about their desires which thus creates room for the subjective thought that not everybody want these good things of life.

A woman has all the right in the world to desire anything she wants. Don’t you know that women were made from finished products? Hehehe! Even the woman who dates you without a car, wishes you had a car.

A while ago, I had a date with my woman. On my way to our rendezvous point, I got stuck in traffic. So I told her through my WhatsApp messenger that I was experiencing one of those days, I wished I had a car. Hear her response: “Baby you have to get a car, it will save you a lot of stress.”


You see what I’m saying? She accepted  to date me because she believes in my potential. Absence of a car isn’t a deal-breaker for her, yet it doesn’t make her better than ladies who choose men who own cars because she fully expects me to get one at some point. It’s all about choice and we are all entitled to our choices. The fact that my woman didn’t place car ownership as a condition for dating me, doesn’t mean she is averse to such luxury.  In fact she dreams and wishes I own one just as soon as my next breath.

Talking about love, should love have conditions? Emphatically, yes! Love is basically a decision. You condition your mind about whom to bestow your love upon. There are ladies that can never get an orgasm in the hands of a broke man. They have conditioned themselves that way. Which
is why sex with a broke man becomes soooo laborious.

There is a connection between wealth and sexual satisfaction. Some women will wet their undies at the mere sight of a good car owned by their man. Your penis, lips or fingers won’t give her an orgasm unless she has prepared her mind for it. Some guys will say “What is this one saying? With this my ‘rod’ I can make her cum.” Keep deceiving yourself o, you hear? Kontinuu.

Personally, I cannot date or marry a non graduate or even an undergraduate. This might seem arrogant to some folk, but it is my choice and my right.

We display so much folly when we try to subjugate people’s right to make personal choices, with our own experiences, insecurities and prejudices. You are you and I am me. Make your choice and respect other people’s choices.

My choice of a BSc holder or someone with more, doesn’t in any way suggest that women who lack these academic qualifications are not good women. Far from it. There are good women in every class of social stratification. Its just that I want a good woman that has nothing less than a BSc.

If I’m hitting on a lady and she says she wants a man that owns a car among other qualities, I will not speak ill of her. I will respect her because she is making a legitimate use of her right to choose.

Even I do not like the fact that I don’t own a car! Stress is not a class of food and as such doesn’t have nutritional or health values, so why should I denigrate a lady for choosing a stress-less life?

Na who suffer don help?

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  1. Here’s my problem. If a lady wants a means of transportation, she should bloody get one😂.

    Na so boyfriend dey turn cab driver. One day, my friend’s babe asked that he call me to help him pick her. Only met her once o and she heard in passing that I just parked at home – a family car. An ex of mine also made the same request some years ago – make I call my friend come carry am for house so she go fit come chill for our end. Jesu gbami… 🙆😭😭

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