What Nigerian leadership needs to learn from the Orlando shooting


Following the news that fifty people have lost their lives during the Orlando shooting – a tragic, unfortunate shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida yesterday, one must wonder if there are any lessons to be learnt in terms of how a country’s leaders sympathise with its people during a time of loss, grief, anger and boiling temperatures.

The Senator representing the district where 50 people were murdered and 53 injured, is speaking to the press ON THE GROUND.

The Governor of Florida is speaking to the press, ON THE GROUND.

The Mayor of Orlando is speaking to the press, ON THE GROUND.

President Obama can be seen addressing the nation here >>

Obama addresses the nation over Orlando Shooting

Were this tragic event to occur in Nigeria,

1. Government propaganda agents will try to stifle the alarm. We would spend hours arguing if an attack was ongoing or not. Law enforcement will not respond, and when they do, those who sustained injuries would have died from bleeding.

2. The local politicians will be in absolute denial.

3. The Presidency will ignore calls for an investigation into the reported attacks.

4. A week later, one of the president’s men will issue a perfunctory statement condemning the attacks and promising an investigation that will never materialise.

5. Two weeks later, we are back to debating who should wash a man’s boxers between the woman and the washing machine.

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  1. Nothing, we Nigeria’s have propensity to want to copy anything America. What happen to originality. This inferiority complex will be the on doing of Africa and Nigeria in particular. God save this nation from internal enemies.

  2. Just come out straight and say its OK the way our president kept mute on the issue of the spate of murders committed by the Fulani herdsmen. If you say that learning is inferiority complex then you have loads of it because I am sure you did not wake up one day and know how to read and write. You COPIED by going to school.

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