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The good doctor likes people, although that might not seem clear from the onset. Sarcastic but benevolent, read about politics and healthcare from the finest medical personnel we know!

With Yusuf Buhari’s accident, perhaps we should place empathy where it is due

I have sickle cell patients who keep having crisis because they cannot afford routine folic acid tablets and malaria prevention drugs. Some of them will not survive into adulthood simply because they cannot afford...

Does biology maketh the (wo)man? Sacked Google employee’s controversial memo on gender differences

Our attention has been drawn to a Google engineer who was sacked for writing a memo against his company's gender diversity policies, claiming (with evidence) that there are biological reasons for the women's relatively...

Transgender men are people too!

In a world of black and white people, grey people are taught to see themselves as abnormal, queer and mysterious. Grey people must choose to become black or white in order to earn acceptance...

To be born a female in Igboland: then and now

To be born a female in Igboland used to be one of the most depressing events in the life of any individual. We are talking about a culture that historically denied many women the...

Drinking more water – a myth and a waste of time

1. You cannot detoxify your body by drinking more water than you really need or by taking in any nutritional supplement. 2. Adequate water intake is enough to maintain good function of the kidneys. 3. And...

Should the NYSC Scheme Be Scrapped? Charles Uzor Certainly Thinks So

Were it left to me to decide, there would be no NYSC, no service year and CERTAINLY no camp. With all the dust at Yikpata, there could be no doubt that dozens of young people...

BREAKING: Potent drug launched; works against mental illness, mouth odour…

The BBC Focus on Africa program today announced key discoveries coming out of the largest black nation on earth, Nigeria. In recent memory, the nation has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Struggling under the...

Cholesterol content? Please, eggs are NOT the bad guys!

I grew up learning to perceive eggs with a sense of dread, like many people of my generation. The gist around the neighbourhood was that eggs had one mysterious chemical called cholesterol. We heard it...

The value of a human life: Humans deserve respect; ideas do not

Humans deserve respect; ideas do not. This is the core tenet of humanism. When people ask "What is humanism?" perhaps the simplest explanation is that it is a movement for the respect of human life; the life we have here and now.

Osun State and CAN now encouraging religious freedom in public schools?

The events unfolding in Osun State have once more shone the light on the stark reality of the nature of the nation's problems. Following a court order granting Muslim pupils the right to show up...