All you Nigerian men! Stop looking for a Michelle Obama unless you are a Barack!


Ridiculous, is when a “typical Nigerian man” compares Nigerian women with Michelle Obama and says she supported her husband in all he did, is very humble and respectful, then adds he needs such a woman and Nigerian gehs are just not trying, need to step up, and be good, humble women.

Bros, have you seen how he treats his wife? You think a woman will get all that and be acting like her brain is touching? Forget whether or not people like the man and his policies, the way we see their interaction, avoidance of scandal and stress, their affectionate displays – even with their kids – is quite heart warming.

If he had been treating her like trash and saying stupid things every second of the day, you think she would have stayed? She’s there because he not only had a life, he had prospects and was making something of himself.

It was not about him just “believing that one day e go better” while abusing her upandan. You can bet they’re teaching their kids the same. I’m told the dude is a crazy romantic too!

Your own version of interaction is “Baby, the plates are dirty”, “Linda, what kind of soup is this that you cooked that doesn’t draw? My mother cooks better than this” or “Who is that guy you’re using as dp on BBM? When last did you use my picture?”

You want to tell me that somehow you think your “manliness” and “romance” is on par with his? You actually think you’re measuring up to that standard and deserve a woman like her? How high are you, exactly?

Besides, you that won’t even “permit” your woman to do masters or ask you questions are now comparing her to such a woman who clearly has a brain, opinions and beliefs and states them?

The woman is highly educated and speaks her mind! Someone like you can’t handle it. You’ll just slap her, call her names then chase her out and pursue small girls with little or no functioning brain matter.

The truth is you don’t want a good woman, you want a fine, stupid doormat you can dominate and control, yet gives you money, sex and children.

If it’s not Michelle, it is someone else. You always have someone to compare women to- whether you are single, dating or married – but when they compare you with anyone, you will say they are insulting you and not humble or content.

You think bad behavior and childish attitudes are deserving of a strong woman? My brother, a strong woman will dump you and not look back. She will find a strong brother that will put you to shame then we will hear another story from you that women are unfaithful, money hungry and wetin wetin.

Uncle please pick a struggle. You can’t be ignorant and an ode all at the same time. That’s a bad combo. It’s too much for one person.


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