Waist beads linked to Queen of the Coast? Wait fess, lemme laugh!

African waist beads

When I was a child, we were taught that waist beads are demonic and worn by the daughters of the Queen of the Coast.


I am a man now and I tell you, I love them on women. They look so sexy. I would personally buy waist beads and nose rings for my woman because those are my preferences.

Chai, but we can lie for Africa! Everyday, we preach that the love of money is the root of all evil but we keep collecting money in the church. Nobody love money reach us o!

So if a church member trades in waist beads and brings tithe won’t it be accepted? Yeye dey smell!

Oh, by the way, this post doesn’t in any way suggest that there is nothing like the Queen of the Coast o, ehen. My point is that even the Isrealites whose culture we practise as Christianity wore all this jewellery. Or was the Queen of the Coast not in existence at that time?

Please wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, sexy and responsible. If somebody can’t bear to see you, let him/her pluck out their eyes.

© Victor Ibeh 2016

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  1. Waist Beads Are Good They Build A Nice Shape 4 Ladis,it Make They Shape Nice Only If U Start It At Early Stage Dat When D Beads Wil Give U A Nice Shape,if I Give Birth To My Girl Child I Wil Start Wearing Her Beads At D Age Of 8.But Some Are Evil,if It Favour Me Does’nt Mean It Wil Favour U.

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