Now that the budget has been passed, FG, please, don’t dull

Budget Nigeria 2016

Nigerians are pregnant, in due date, and have been in eclamptic labour for almost a year without pleasing paturition – it’s been undoubtedly harder considering the fact that they trusted the Doctor on Change for fruits over the herbalist of Power in the last elections, for this, it’s been harder.

Budget Nigeria 2016

The one major excuse the FG has tabled for the delay in the discharge of the promises of CHANGE, is the arguable truth that no budget had been passed. It took an inexplicable and unduly long 4 months, but, alas, the budget that suffered series of infamous padding has been eventually passed, and to the average Nigerian, the excuse for the lack of Change dividends is off the table now.

So, FG of Sai Baba, time to dance #don’tDull is here oh, else, you’re on a long thing.

1. NO MORE PLATITUDES – Now is the time for the FG to shut its eye to the allure of propaganda and platitudes , and just focus on delivering dividends squarely. If in another year, these dividends become delivered, there will be no need for tabling more rhetoric to placate the feelings of the governed via the plethora of media aides. Plix plix, no pangolo platitudes.

2. TIME TO COMMUNICATE – If there were a time when this present government needs to constantly communicate with the polity, now is that time. Sai Baba’s team has been sadly too low on the art of communicating responsibly with the citizens, naaa, they not done well at all. I’m sure in their minds now, they’d probably think communucation cannbe soft-pedalled now, since the budget had been passed, but, that’d be wrong again. This is the time to engage in profuse communication of progress and process details to the yearning citizenry. We need it. Responsible governments see it as a form of accountability. Details that will douse doubts and help regulate expectations.

Jeremy Benham once sensibly said, “Publicity (communication) is the very soul of justice. It is the keenest spur to exertion, and the surest of all guards against improbity.”

hmmmn, may Sai Baba and his entire team get communicating with the citizenry right, even as we process this Changi…

3. HANDLE THIS BUDGET LIKE A CORPORATE ORGANIZATION – I’ve always insisted that for Nigeria to actually achieve development to a satiating level, we’ll need to ditch this present Agbada armada style of work, and employ a style that typifies that of a private Corp. We need that level of seriousness that will encourage sacrosanct monitoring and evaluation, astute professionalism and timeliness. To make this budget work and work well, to make this budget not go the usual way of drain, government must invest a lot of emotion and energy in checks and balances.

4. Thank you oh

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