SOWORE: Next Level ~ Numb Level


On the 8th of July 2014 at the Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte, Germany was set to play the host country, Brazil, in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final game that promised to be a mouthwatering soccer showpiece.

Brazil, though Neymarless on the day, still fielded a wonderful team that was cheered on by their 50,000 supporters inside the stadium.

The world also was watching and was mostly rooting for the colorful Samba boys.

To global shock however, 29 minutes into the game, Die Mannschaft (natif for the German men’s football team) had raced into a 5-0 lead, 4 of those goals registered in a 6-minute spell.

When Toni Kross, the eventual Man of the Match on the day, scored 2 of those first 5 goals in the space of 69 seconds, the world started asking – more like begging – Germany to apply the gear of mercy and stop scoring.

The plea was written all over the faces of the Brazil players, coaching crew, and fans, and the world obliged them too.

“Germany, habaa, ó ti tó nau, ozugo abeg. You’ve killed them already in mere minutes…e don do ooo’

This became the common song on the global tongue that night.

Trust Germans tho, they scored more. Even while reports at halftime said they felt pity for the hosts, for mauling them right in front of their home fans like a clueless baby goat that strayed into a cackle of hungry hyenas, they still scored more.

7 German goals to Brazil’s 0;

they were down;

they had already surrendered to their fate of anguish;

but yet, despite their surrender that should have evoked some German respite, more misery was piled till they got numb.

The Agony of Mineirão – that is how that day is now remembered each year in the Brazilian calendar, a day that evokes a “spirit of national shame” for experiencing the worst loss by a host country in World Cup history.

Today, I feel like that Brazil. Today, I am that Brazil.

I’ll explain.

Earlier this year on the 19th of February, I wrote a piece titled “It’s okay Nigeria, You Win”;

In this piece that went on to get viral [SEE HERE:], I surrendered.

I wrote about a nasty experience which ultimately led to my mental deflation and defeat at trying to rationalize, internalize or understand the ever-stupefying Nigerian situation.

‘Nigeria, you win’, thus, I said.

Just like the Brazil at Mineirão,

I had seen enough

I had thrown in my towel

I had gbakámú-ed, and I lost my will to fight.

My Brazil had surrendered at 5-0. Hoping that my Germany of a Nigeria would take it easy with the misery.

But today [and of late], Nigeria ‘scored’ more.

The video from that court today, the show of premier shame in that court today, the ‘gestapoean’ gimmicks that drove Nigeria a thousand steps back in that court today, all creased a part of me that sent me into absolute numbness.

And, I am sure I am not alone.

Nooo, that was the ‘8th goal’! That was the low I never thought existed or would ever happen.

Ashamed doesn’t cut it.

Despaired doesn’t define it.

Mortified doesn’t describe it.

Angered doesn’t come near.

Numb. Numb. Watching that video display umpteenth pixels from this lawless mess the nation has become of late, got me so seethed I became expressionlessly numb.

How the current administration has successfully beautified lawlessness, and enthroned it to literally become the fourth arm of government, is numbing.

It is unrationalizable.

I can’t attempt to think about the many saner ways this Omoyele Sowore situation could have been handled;

I can’t attempt to imagine how this current executive is filled with Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs), starting with the VP, and that yet, under their watch, lawlessness dances naked into the global market square.

I can’t attempt to imagine how this present leadership criminally misses the fact that the alleged always has the highest right in the process adjudication, both for and against, and should never be deprived those rights, even and especially in treasonable stances.

I can’t attempt to think they miss these things; if I do, the brain will burst. So, numb it is – I can’t feel it.

I never thought I’d have to beg you again, Nigeria.

These things you do that beat sense into an abyss, and sanity into a depthless void.

This thing your present custodians call Next Level, that is actually so bad it numbs.

So please, I beg you Nigeria; we are already many goals down, can you just stop scoring?


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